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7 things we can’t wait to buy at Ikea Las Vegas



Sorry, had to get that out of our system.

Yes, the Swedish furniture giant is finally heeding our pleas and setting up shop in the Valley, announcing plans to open in the southwest at Sunset and Durango in summer 2016.

The local store will be 351,000 square feet, according to reports, and will sell Swedish meatballs, joy and cheap, assemble-it-yourself shelving and tables. (Step 1: Read the directions completely before beginning assembly. Seriously.)

Of course, we're still two years away from being able to pick up a new Soligt or Fjädermoln right off the 215, but we're so excited we couldn't resist a little preemptive online browsing. Here are a few items we can't wait to get in our condos:

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      Virring, $9.99

      This lovely, round, subtly floral rug will look awesome in the apartment we rented in part because of its lack of wall-to-wall carpeting. Plus, it's only $9.99. Ikea, we love you! Virring low-pile, multicolor rug.

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      Kallax, $85

      Sure, these shelves look simple, but turn them on their side, and you have the perfect storage unit for your growing collection of vinyl. (Yes, you're too old for milk crates). Also, it comes in seven different colors. Kallax shelving unit.

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      Poäng, $99

      Pleasing lines, a frame available in multiple shades and removable seat covers that can go right into the washing machine. Chic meets practical meets your living room. Poäng layer-glued bent beech chair.

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      Ikea PS, $99

      You've been wanting a cabinet that looks reminiscent of your elementary school locker, you just didn't know it until you saw this gem—in fire-engine red!—complete with cord outlet. Buy it in white if you must. Ikea PS cabinet.

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      Stockholm, $229

      This surfboard-esque coffee table is probably what your living room has been missing. The oblong shape says you're not square, the walnut veneer says you're classy but not too classy, and the smaller second shelf says you hate clutter but also hate throwing away last month's magazines. It's cool. We do too. Stockholm walnut veneer coffee table.

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      Ljusas Uvas, $39.99

      Because Amelie would totally have this luscious blue-glass table lamp in her fictional Parisian apartment, and you've been trying to live more like Amelie lately. Ljusas Uvas table lamp.

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      Köttbullar, $8.99

      Because pretty soon we'll all be too lazy to drive all the way to Vegas Ikea for meatballs. "Serve with boiled potatoes, lingonberry jam and cream sauce." Extra points if you can pronounce the name of what you're cooking. Köttbullar frozen meatballs.

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