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Cannabis kitchen: YouTuber shows you how to bake (and get baked) with medical marijuana

Don’t know how to make cannabutter? Let Mary Jane show you the way.

In a lovely kitchen with cheery yellow walls, “Mary Jane” shows off her tools: saucepan, wooden spoon, coffee grinder, cheesecloth, mixing bowl, clips, Saran Wrap, rubber gloves, high-fat content European butter and the not-so-secret ingredient: Sour Diesel Kush marijuana.

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A licensed medical marijuana user in Nevada, Mary Jane turned to medicinal pot four years ago for insomnia, but rather than smoke her nightly dose, she prefers to eat her meds in cookie form. Hence the perky two-part YouTube video, “Cooking With Mary Jane,” in which our apron-clad host talks chemistry, potency and the importance of cooking with a cocktail as she teaches viewers to make “top-shelf” cannabutter. (Warning: It will make your whole house smell like greasy, buttery marijuana.)

It’s actually a fairly labor-intensive, time-consuming process, but Mary Jane walks through it step by step, from grinding and simmering to straining and cooling. And with a smile, she offers a crucial first move: “Make sure to check with the appropriate authorities to find out if you’re authorized to make cannabutter.”

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