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Fake-book? The rise of faux events on Facebook


It began with the San Francisco Sloth Festival, a supposed celebration of everyone’s favorite jungle slowpoke that drew interest from tens of thousands, but didn’t happen. Then it was the World Championship Taco and Salsa Festival, a dreamy Vegas event that caught the attention of 4,000-plus people, but no. Now it’s “Crying and Eating Bread by Yourself on the Floor,” a joke-y New Year’s Eve event for loners that’s committed 38,000 international attendees on Facebook. For party people, there’s also “Dropping out of school to become a potato.”

Once a tool for actually organizing people, Facebook events pages have transformed into a vehicle for laughs, a trend that confirms we do have too much time on our hands. “Crying” creator Sam Foran, a Canadian college student, told the Daily Beast he didn’t invite anyone; people were just attracted to its ridiculousness, which is admittedly hard to resist. Because why get dressed and go to a real, potentially boring party when you can just pretend to on the Internet?

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