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The new Siegfried and Roy Park will host public sculpture

The new Siegfried and Roy Park is slated to open this summer.
Mike Smith

The Clark County public art fund, established in 2012, will be used for the first time this year to bring sculpture to the Siegfried and Roy Park. Doesn’t ring a bell? Maybe that’s because the park, named after the Strip’s famous tiger-taming duo, is under construction near the airport, on Maryland Parkway and Russell Road.

Three semifinalists—ARVS Collaborative, Wayne Littlejohn and Miguel Rodriguez—were chosen to propose artworks March 20 at Winchester Cultural Center. The project’s budget is $261,900. “They felt that art and integration into the landscape is something other communities do, and does enhance the way the way things look,” county art specialist Michael Ogilvie says of the commission. “I think they saw the benefits outweigh the repercussions.”

The public art fund collects up to 5 percent of room and ad valorem taxes, with a cap of $1.25 million each year. The park is slated to open late summer—sadly, without live tigers.

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