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Towns’ for sale: Got a few millions lying around? Bedrock City or Nipton could be yours

At Bedrock City in Williams, Arizona, the Stone-Age cartoon comes to life.

With Searchlight off the market (parcels sold separately are now in escrow), the search extends farther outward for those looking to buy an entire town. Fortunately, there are two options still within reach.

Bedrock City

Description: This campground and theme park on Highway 180 in Williams, Arizona, replicates the fictional town of Bedrock from beloved animated Hanna-Barbera show The Flintstones.

A brontosaurus slide at Bedrock City in Williams, Arizona on March 25, 2015.

Established: 1972

Price: $2 million

Highlights: Stone Age setting, 30 miles from the Grand Canyon, a Kelly green brontosaurus that doubles as an observation deck and slide, homes and businesses built in prehistoric-style architecture.

Perks: Finally, a chance to live inside your ’60s-era TV set.


Description: This tiny little town in unincorporated San Bernardino, California, sits south of Primm, Nevada, on the edge of the Mojave National Preserve.


Established: Early 1905

Price: $5 million

Highlights: Solar-generated energy, early 20th-century buildings (including the adobe-built Hotel Nipton), tented cabins, artist residencies, an RV park, Mexican food and a view like none other.

Perks: Operate an entire town in the comfort of your front yard.

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