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How to hail a jet: With money and an app, it’s possible


Now that Uber ride-hailing is allowed in the state, why not extend it to flights? That’s what companies like JetSmarter and Ubair are trying to do, with apps and websites that connect travelers with private jets.

It’s unlikely executive aviation will ever reach the masses, but in some cases hailing a jet could be cheaper than last-minute first-class bookings on commercial airlines, so it could make sense for affluent travelers. Flight-auction websites like JetSuite aim to fill passenger-less return flights, and companies like Surf Air (available in Vegas) offer a flat-fee, all-you-can-fly model. Don’t want to share a plane? Fly BlackJet and you won’t have to.

JetSmarter’s CEO told CNN private planes could one day financially rival road transportation, with travelers choosing small planes over, say, buses, but aviation analysts are skeptical. Though with festival-goers choosing helicopters to get to EDC, perhaps spontaneous, private air travel isn’t so far-fetched.

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