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In brief: Boston defends Vegas, ‘Casino’ movie tours and a big wheel of cheese



Listening to the acoustics of Carnegie Hall. Seeing the first pitch on opening day at Dodger Stadium. Watching a Whole Foods employee crack an 85-pound wheel of cheese? Yes, some things are best experienced in-person. On March 7, Whole Foods outposts across America will simultaneously break big-ass rounds of Parmigiano-Reggiano during the “Crack Heard Around the World.” We still don’t really get why this is happening, but we really like cheese. See you there! —Mark Adams


Everyone’s favorite Vegas movie turns 20 this year, and the Mob Museum is marking the occasion. Starting March 18, former mobster and Casino technical consultant Frank Cullotta will guide the willing on a two-hour tour of the local places where the iconic Martin Scorsese flick was filmed. It starts with a special tour of the museum with former FBI special agent Dennis Arnoldy and historian Robert George Allen, then continues with a bus tour of film locations and tales of the events that inspired the movie. For more info on the monthly tours, visit —Brock Radke


In his February 21 “In defense of Vegas” piece for The Boston Globe, Christopher Muther got a lot right about our weird little city. (Minus calling Fremont East “Downtown Project.” Yikes.) And while he might have likened Vegas to a tacky relative “dismissed simply because she’s wearing an appliqué vest and kitten heels, and talks incessantly about her love of guinea pigs and Ray Romano,” he also said that’s no reason to dismiss us: “Under that misguided ensemble is a big heart screaming, ‘Love me!’” —MA

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