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No regrets: Indulging in (all of) Ethel M’s holiday chocolate collection

Ethel M’s holiday chocolate collection
Photo: Mikayla Whitmore

Ethel M Holiday Deluxe Collection | Las Vegas Weekly office | November 6, 2015 | 4 p.m.

The shiny green box is a messenger, whispering in drizzles of milk chocolate, fluffy peaks of raspberry cream and crumbles of pecan toffee. Thanksgiving is on deck. Christmas is knocking with jolly force. It’s time to work on that holiday spirit (and maybe that holiday tummy). Ethel M’s seasonal assortment is a tradition for us at the Weekly (and the legacy of Ethel Mars, going back to her kitchen in 1911), though I’ve never tried every single piece. Because I’ve never had the audacity to put my chocolate fiendery out there, until now. I took a pristine box into the conference room and cut into perfect rows of yum. I tasted everything, from the special eggnog and peppermint nuggets to my all-time favorite Lemon Satin Crème swaddled in delicate dark chocolate. It was that fantasy we’ve all had, of biting into every chocolate in the box in one mad swoop. I made a sticky mess of myself, and I regret nothing.

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