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What happened to the Las Vegas Halloween Parade?

Participants in costume march down Fremont Street during the 2014 Las Vegas Halloween Parade, Friday Oct. 31, 2014.
Photo: Christopher DeVargas

Only once have I ever a) worn a kilt in public and b) marched in a parade, and both happened at the 2010 debut of the Las Vegas Halloween Parade.

For five years, the colorful march highlighted both Burning Man’s growing influence in Vegas and Downtown’s growth. But like so many recent setbacks, however, it might now remind us of the limits of the area’s boon.

2014 Las Vegas Halloween Parade

On October 5, Cory Mervis—owner of Flying Pan Productions LLC, the driving force behind the parade—announced it would take 2015 off. With a reported 70,000 attending the 2014 edition, and 100,000 projected for this year, Mervis tells the Weekly that higher staging and infrastructure costs scared off a prospective co-producing partner.

“We are continuing to have discussions with potential partners, sponsors and supporters, and think this will allow us in 2016 to, once again, create the unique artistic, spectacular and participatory experience that the parade has provided over the past five years.”

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