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The Real World’ is in Las Vegas (again)—Our predictions, suggestions and anticipations

Gold Spike and Oasis

MTV has already begun taping the third Las Vegas edition of pioneering reality TV show The Real World, with the seven strangers living at Downtown’s Gold Spike. We’ve got predictions, suggestions and anticipations for their unfolding season.

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      Gold Spike and Oasis

      Will Do

      Skinny dip at the Gold Spike

      Ride SlotZilla

      Cheat on one another

      The High Roller

      Gamble badly

      Barf in the back of an Uber ride

      Make out in the High Roller

      Talk to the camera with the Neon Boneyard in the background

      Fall into the Bellagio Fountains.

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      Bonnie Screams

      Could Do

      Barhop using Cycle Pub

      Establish a dining routine in Chinatown.

      Buy a turntable and out-snob each other at 11th Street Records

      Tony Hsieh

      Paintball zombies at Bonnie Screams

      Do Thanksgiving dinner at Bacchanal Buffet

      Perform full-cast karaoke at Dino’s

      Take a field trip to a brothel

      Outpace Tony Hsieh in a Fernet-shot battle

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      Atomic Liquors

      Won't (But Should) Do

      Fight loudly during a Star Wars opening-weekend screening (that we’re not attending)

      Stay away from all our favorite bars.

      Walk into the Writer’s Block

      Smurf characters busking on Fremont Street

      Throw a foam party inside the Luxor Sky Beam control room

      Fight Nic Cage … and lose.

      Tip well

      Dress up as Fremont Street Smurfs to build character

      Become so culturally enlightened that it bores the viewership and ensures that the show never returns

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