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Area code MIA: Has anyone actually dialed 725?


Have you called a 725 number yet? While 10-digit dialing for local calls has been required since May 2014, and Clark County’s new area code went live that June, I have yet to dial it.

The North American Numbering Plan Administration doesn’t keep count of phone numbers assigned in each area code, but Senior NPA Relief Planner Joseph Cocke says 13 prefixes (the three digits following the area code) were assigned in 2015 to service providers like Cox and T-Mobile, who then assign numbers with those prefixes to customers.

That’s a lot of potential 725 digits, as 10,000 phone numbers can be sequenced from one prefix. But looking at, an unknown-caller directory listing hundreds of 725 numbers, it appears many may have fallen into the hands of telemarketers.

Maybe that’s why my fingers have yet to stray from 702. Even when they do, Cocke says we shouldn’t have to worry about another new code on the block until 2044.

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