Go brunch crazy at Aria’s all-you-can-eat all week long

The Aria buffet won’t quit.
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I’d estimate about half of the Strip-has-gotten-so-expensive complaints I hear are justifiable. Parking doesn’t ever seem like it’s worth its ever-rising cost, but the chance to see a huge artist perform in a top-tier venue offers a better balance.

The Vegas buffet experience costs quite a bit more these days, but the food at the fancier all-you-can-eats is way better than it used to be. And if you buffet in the day, when the prices are lower, there are some true gems to be found.

My pick is brunch at Aria. First, it’s served all week. Why would you limit your brunching to Saturday and Sunday? Second, for $20 more you can get unlimited mimosas or rum punch or bloodys or Champagne or margaritas or beer. Now we’re brunching, people.

Most importantly, it’s delish and a little bit insane. There are tiny French pastries and gelato for days. There’s an Asian soup bar with tom yum and congee and hot and sour, with some dim sum thrown in for good measure. Quick, name another buffet in town that’s not an Indian restaurant that has great Indian food. Can’t? Aria’s serves tasty chana masala and chicken curry while a freakin’ omelet station is in operation.

Build-your-own taco bar? Check? Fresh sushi and shellfish on ice? Yup. A carving board with prime rib and smoky, house-made sausages? Not only yes, those meats are right next door to huge stacks of Red Velvet-Nutella or carrot cake-cream cheese pancakes. This is a food wonderland definitely worth the ticket.

The Buffet Aria, 702-590-8630. Brunch: Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-3 p.m., $28.99; Saturday & Sunday, 7 a.m.-3 p.m., $32.99.M

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