Nuro Bistro’s Hainan chicken rice could change your life

Nuro Bistro’s Hainan chicken rice
Photo: Wade Vandervort

Hainan chicken rice has been a staple in LA for years, but it only swept through Las Vegas recently with the arrival of Flock and Fowl in 2015. The simple plate is a take on Wenchang chicken, a traditional dish from the Hainan province in Southern China. The bird is poached, served skin-on and accompanied by a bowl of chicken-stock-seasoned rice and three sauces. The version at Nuro Bistro—a year-old spot on Durango just south of Flamingo—uses free-range fowl, making it a perfect, hearty meal when you’re looking for something clean and satisfying.

And that rice? It might not look special, but one taste and you’ll wonder if someone laced it with flavor crystals. The sauces—spicy, ginger-scallion and house-made soy—are all noteworthy, but the sweet and savory soy is the real MVP. (Seriously, put it on everything.) Speaking of soy, Nuro also makes its own soy milk. Order a chilled, slightly sweet glass, or ask for some on the side to pair with a cup of fresh iced coffee.

Other notable dishes include the chicken noodle soup, pork and shrimp wonton noodle soup and chicken or pork congee (the later comes with a preserved century egg). Consider Nuro the perfect spot for a chilly day, or any day when you’re craving that rice.

Nuro Bistro 4255 S. Durango Drive #110, 702-901-4609. Wednesday-Monday, 11 a.m.- 8 p.m.

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