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Men in Uniform
Uniformly interesting. Images of men in uniform make up a genre of their own, and Vegas takes ... read article
Best in PrintA community’s theater
The Utah Shakespearean Festival thrives on the people, the otudoor venues and the lasting power of classic drama read article
Best in PrintThe Hillywood Show’s sisters grim
The strange, DeLorean-driving, Edward Scissorhands-acting online world of two Vegas artists read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionBack from Iraq
On July 31, 2005, in an alley near Sahara and the Strip, 20-year-old Iraq war vet Matthew Sepi machine-gunned 47-year-old Sharon Jackson and 26-year-old Kevin ... more
The IntersectionThe Las Vegas archway
Not as if Vegas didn’t have enough lights, but last week the Las Vegas City Council approved funding for a giant piece of public artwork ... more
Walkin’ Fremont with Jackie Gaughan
This is an excerpt from the radio show Our Metropolis, a half-hour issues and affairs program that airs Tuesdays at 6 p.m. on KUNV 91.5-FM ... more
The world needs a poker star
t was a Monday, I was overdue on more than one assignment—including that week’s Strip Sense entry—and I don’t usually watch sports on TV anyway. ... more
Mystery is killed by the Web
In the earliest days of e-commerce, it didn’t matter if you were ordering from a little old lady on eBay or a venture-funded start-up like ... more
The Help Desk
Governor changes senior staff. And magically, tales of infidelity and idiocy vanish! Lawmakers cut funds for textbooks.Next year’s plan includes burning remaining books for fuel. ... more


May the fourth be with you
Happy birthday, America! We got you a little something: boobs. more
NightlifeOsiris May
As a DJ and producer, Osiris has worked with MCA Records’ Chris Stokes to bring the world Immature and Tony! Toni! Toné!, and in doing ... more
Duck, Duck, Sploosh!
For all the ground we covered, trying over the last few years to be so sophisticated with our half-a-grand bottles of $35 vodka, the Hummer ... more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentBadasses with heart
The art handlers who work for MCQ Fine Art are badass—according to the postcard for their group show. The Difference Between Making a Living and ... more
Arts and EntertainmentUnderground no more
Dave Hawkins was there for its birth, and now he’s marking the passing of Matteo’s Underground Lounge in song. more
Arts and EntertainmentEarly start
Nobody said being a jazz musician was easy, but local trumpeter Kevin Early is off to an auspicious start. more
Arts and EntertainmentSonic boom
There’s something about the Fourth of July that just sets the minds of classical-music programmers racing. The fact that they all race to pretty much ... more
Arts and EntertainmentMoney for nothing
Whatever you think of VH1’s popular “celebreality” shows, you have to sort of admire their shamelessness. The participants on ABC’s The Bachelor all act like ... more
Arts and EntertainmentBefore and After: Margaret Menzies as Connie Mocogni
Menzies, who got married last year, is ready to start a family: “I have enough experience, being pregnant all the time.” more
Arts and EntertainmentNo heroes
The generation that fought World War II is beginning to pass, and few remember much about the final year of the war with Imperial Japan ... more


ScreenA super mess(1 comment)
Why does Will Smith always have to save the world? Wouldn’t it be nice, just once, to see the king of the summer blockbuster play, ... more
ScreenKit Kittredge: An American Girl
As the father of a two-year-old boy, I know Elmo, Spider-Man and SpongeBob, but I had never heard of the American Girl dolls. Apparently, they ... more
Here’s the best bit of insider wisdom that the new Audrey Tautou rom-com Priceless offers us about the art of being a professional gold digger: ... more
ScreenWhen Did You Last See Your Father?
Based on the memoir by British poet and novelist Blake Morrison, When Did You Last See Your Father? is a low-key, somber account of the ... more
Writers are constantly being told to write what they know—a perfectly sensible dictum that nonetheless presents the screenwriter with a serious dilemma. What any writer ... more

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A change does Marche Bacchus good
TasteFor wine lovers in Las Vegas, Marche Bacchus, a small, comely wine store and bistro located in the bucolic Desert Shores community, has been a touchstone since the first day it opened.




CD Cover The Watson Twins
If your knowledge of the duo formerly known as Black Swan begins and ends with Rabbit Fur Coat—Chandra and Leigh Watson’s alt-country effort with Rilo Kiley’s Jenny Lewis—you’d be forgiven ...
CD Cover Hogg Corps
Bay Area expatriates Hogg Corps don’t swing for the fences as much as they could on Street Concepts, and the result is an uneven CD that’s about as satisfying as ...
CD Cover Locksley
Love-struck garage-pop with huge, doo-woppy choruses may come across as both retro and a bit manufactured, and there’s a fair argument to be made that the Brooklyn four-piece’s defiantly unsigned ...

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Jul 3, 2008
by Xania Woodman

Dirty Blonde Cocktails

“Sweet” doesn’t even begin to describe the full impact of a Dirty Blonde Cocktail, Sunday night, where five ladies and one somewhat bewildered guy sampled the DBC variety pack. The ...