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Best in PrintMystery Solved
The recent death of Lefty Rosenthal has one former private eye remembering the bad old days. A memoir. read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionWhat do we change now?
Having cannon-balled into the vat of Kool-Aid and washed themselves free of irony and shruggishness, Obama’s fans and volunteers aren’t ready to quit. In fact, ... more
The IntersectionThe Revolution continues
Clearly, the Republicans got some kind of beat-down—losing the White House, seats in Congress and control of the Nevada Legislature—although the extent of the drubbing ... more
Tiny Little Rant: They won’t have the balls
Will folks like Suprynowicz and gun-show promoters (get your guns now before a possible ban!) have the integrity and, dare we say, balls to admit ... more
The Help Desk
Water usage down in Las Vegas. Everyone suddenly realized that booze was actually cheaper. NV Energy seeking 17.5 percent electric rate hike. So much for ... more
Friday on their minds
At 6:15 a.m. on Black Friday the line outside the Office Max at a strip mall near Sunset Station numbered in the dozens. Do people ... more
The IntersectionA real magic trick(3 comments)
Accused in October 2007 of raping a 21-year-old Seattle woman whom he allegedly picked out of his audience and lured to his Bahamian getaway for ... more


Nightlife75 years later, America still likes the sauce …
On January 16, 1920, the 18th Amendment went into effect mandating nationwide prohibition, essentially derailing the country’s most prevalent pastime of the era—drinking. more
NightlifeRaving fans(1 comment)
Dust off your biggest, baggiest pair of pants, dig up a miniature backpack and liberate your Peace, Love, Unity, Respect (P.L.U.R.) pony-bead bracelets from the ... more
NightlifeInto thin air(1 comment)
“What do you mean they’re gone?” I don’t often find myself chit-chatting about Vegas’ aquatic citizens, but there’s no denying it—the piranha tanks at Piranha ... more
NightlifeRemembering Ken Werden
The Las Vegas nightlife industry was shocked and deeply saddened by the news that one of our own, Dal Toro Ristorante apprentice bartender and longtime ... more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentDance … with a twist
One year it’s a ballerina escaping the Nazis, the next year Princess Diana shares the stage with the Heaven’s Gate mass-suicide cult—mixing it up is ... more
Arts and EntertainmentHome work
Visiting Tarissa Tiberti’s 3% exhibition at the Fallout Gallery, the phrase “you can’t go home again” is hard to shake. Especially considering home is a ... more
Arts and EntertainmentStocking stuffers
‘Tis the season for CD releases … at least here on the Vegas music scene, where locals Black Camaro and The Skooners hosted a joint ... more
Arts and EntertainmentGuitar zero
I thought I was good at Guitar Hero III … until I got royally schooled during the “friendly” competition held at Family Music Center. more
Star search
Why are so many major movie stars fleeing the screen? Apparently it’s less fun than generally imagined to spend a couple of months in an ... more
Arts and EntertainmentCountry cavalcade
Vegas isn’t getting any arena-filling superstars this year, but these acts are just about at the top of the genre, and could easily attract audiences ... more
Arts and EntertainmentToo young to rock ’n’ roll? Nah
Make no mistake, Jillian’s recent closing has left an all-ages void in the Las Vegas scene. But the musical landscape already appears to be regenerating, ... more
Arts and EntertainmentGodfather of the Gulf
Chronicling the rise and fall of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, House of Saddam is remarkably akin to a cinematic gangster saga, like Goodfellas. more


ScreenMilquetoast Milk
Milk, directed by Gus Van Sant, sticks fast to moldy biopic convention and features Academy Award-winner Sean Penn as doomed San Francisco supervisor Harvey Milk, ... more
ScreenCadillac Records
Cadillac Records, the heavily streamlined and fictionalized story of influential Chess Records, is like Dreamgirls lite, a flat, bland, lifeless version of that lavish musical ... more
ScreenPunisher: War Zone
The third attempt to kick-start a franchise based on the Marvel Comics Punisher character, Punisher: War Zone is probably the best of the bunch, but ... more
ScreenCall + Response
Musician Dillon abhors modern-day slavery. So much so that he had performers come in to a studio at their convenience and combined that footage with ... more
ScreenBattle in Seattle
In actor Townsend’s directorial debut, a team of well-coordinated, nonviolent protestors take the 1999 World Trade Organization summit in Seattle by storm, outfoxing the local ... more

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The hot dog: nature’s perfect food
TasteHot dogs. They’re awesome. Not a part of any legitimate diet plan on the market today, but who cares? Las Vegas has a surprising array of specific choices for the hot-dog aficionado.
Oh, Mama!
TasteThe new China Mama, a boxy, freestanding place with lime-green walls and garish red light fixtures that resemble Slinkys (if they had been made out of Lucite), does the best xiao loong bao in Vegas, and maybe anywhere between here and New York City.




CD Cover Ludacris
Ludacris is mainstream hip-hop’s most entertaining personality. Strongly committed to the oft-overlooked art of lyricism, he leaves other emcees behind, often seeming to be battling himself.
CD Cover Shiny Toy Guns
The term “unclassifiable” may have negative connotations when it comes to disease or foodstuffs, but in the case of Shiny Toy Guns, it’s an unequivocal compliment.
CD Cover Britney Spears
After several years of tabloid turmoil, baby-makin’ and bizarre behavior, Britney Spears is back on track doing what she does best: crafting wholly disposable, ultra-manufactured and downright irresistible pop music.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Dec 4, 2008
by Xania Woodman

Smash Pumpkin

It's all about economy and recycling really. Wondering what to do with those leftover cans of pumpkin puree in the pantry, the bowl of decorative mini-pumpkins and all those seasonal ...