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The Weekly rounds up a few new all-ages venues

The Kristina and Tuna Band (pictured), along with local bands A Penny for Jane and Ian Shane Tyler and Southern California’s The Breakups are set to play at The Alley’s grand opening on December 20th.

Make no mistake, Jillian’s recent closing has left an all-ages void in the Las Vegas scene. But the musical landscape already appears to be regenerating, in the form of several recently opened, newly reopened or soon-to-be-opened venues friendly to the under-21—and yes, under-18—crowds.

Gameworks (3785 Las Vegas Blvd. S.): The Strip-side arcade, which hosted teen-welcoming gigs circa 2004 and ’05, is back at it, or at least partly so. Two events previously scheduled for Jillian’s—This Romantic Tragedy on November 29 and 3OH!3 on December 14—have been re-routed to Gameworks, and event manager Jackie Duggan says more live music could be in the works for January and beyond. “We had about 250 people here [for This Romantic Tragedy], and everything went well,” Duggan reports.


From the Calendar
Gameworks: This Romantic Tragedy on November 29 and 3OH!3 on December 14
Frediani's: Showcase Fridays at 10pm, all-ages, $5 for under-21, $10 for 21-and-over
Frediani's: Go Wank the Broom and Big Beat Battalion on December 5
Casa di Amore: Saturdays at 10pm, all ages free
Casa di Amore: Apollo 14 and Monster Zero on December 13
The Alley: Ian Shane Tyler, A Penny for Jane and The Kristina and Tuna Band, along with Southern California’s The Breakups on December 20
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Note: These days, Gameworks concerts are held inside the 300-capacity banquet room, not the area below the loft where they previously took place (that space is now occupied by pool tables).

“Matteo’s Showcase” nights at Frediani’s (2895 N. Green Valley Parkway) and Casa di Amore (2850 E. Tropicana Ave.): Chris Matteo, of now-shuttered Boulder City haunt Matteo’s Underground Lounge fame, is booking again, this time bringing original, live music to two Italian restaurants in the Vegas Valley.

Frediani’s stages its Showcase Fridays at 10 p.m. (all-ages, $5 for under-21, $10 for 21-and-over); Casa di Amore Saturdays at 10 p.m. (all-ages, free). Frediani’s kicks off its schedule December 5 with Go Wank the Broom and Big Beat Battalion, while Casa—which began running Matteo’s shows in early November—has Apollo 14 and Monster Zero on December 13. “Casa has an established clientele, so I’ve got to be a little bit careful what I book there,” Matteo explains. “At Frediani’s, we can do a more rock-oriented night.”

The Alley (4310 Losee Road): Yes, you read that right—the Alley is reopening, again. But the third time around, the onetime all-ages favorite won’t be inside Family Music on West Sahara. New operator Anthony Valentino (frontman for local band A Penny for Jane) has fled the County for North Las Vegas and—get this—the interior of a church. Seems those outdated “teen dance hall” codes don’t apply to houses of worship, so Valentino & Co. are setting up shop in Discovery Church.

“No one will be preaching onstage,” Valentino assures, “but we are putting together a booklet with a positive message on how to be a teenager in the greater Las Vegas Valley, which we’ll hand out at shows.”

The new Alley—which will stage music in the complex’s 396-capacity main hall—will also prohibit swearing onstage, smoking on the adjacent grounds and types of music the church finds objectionable (read: metal, hardcore, screamo, hip-hop). “We’ll mostly do rock, pop-rock and pop-punk,” Valentino says. The December 20 grand opening will feature locals Ian Shane Tyler, A Penny for Jane and The Kristina and Tuna Band, along with Southern California’s The Breakups.

Tickets for all shows are expected to cost $10 and, according to Valentino, will include a drink and a snack. Kids 10-and-under will get in free. “We’re not trying to make $10 million doing this,” he says. “It’s for the bands and for the kids. Las Vegas will put up strip clubs everywhere, but when it comes to all-ages venues, it’s tough.”

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