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Best in PrintLa Concha’s moving parts
Rendezvous with one hotel lobby on its journey to preservation read article
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The Intersection

What really happens in Vegas …(2 comments)
If I were an investigative reporter working for one of the local daily newspapers, near the top of my list for digging would be the ... more
The IntersectionReaching out
It’s often two steps forward and one step back in the Vegas cultural community. It may seem that art has taken a step back, but ... more
The Help Desk
O.J. Simpson sentenced to 9 to 33 years in prison for role in Palace Station robbery. Even Simpson’s longtime supporters are saying, “It’s about friggin’ ... more
The IntersectionAmen Corner: It’s about time
Maybe Clark County got as sick as we were of seeing tourists taking their lives in their hands, scampering across rush-hour traffic to get to ... more
The IntersectionEclipsed by the competition?
The Solar Convention proved one thing: The future of solar is not sunny. more
The IntersectionThe best ever?
I saw the news of Greg Maddux’s retirement on a crawl, and I told my wife, and she asked how old he was, and I ... more


NightlifeVelvet Lion to take on the “Vegas Gouge,” calls for unity(1 comment)
The Velvet Lion gentlemen’s club stated its purpose in a memo meant to right a grievous wrong imposed one too many times on the nightlife ... more
NightlifeTiffany Dawn Soto—For heaven’s “sake”
“The rules are short and simple: It’s cold not hot, sips not shots, and if you drop it in a beer I’ll call security.” more
At what price, love? (1 comment)
Last Wednesday I should have attended a very special get-together at Rain, one bringing together two equally special groups of people: sugar daddies/mamas and sugar babies. more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentHey, he’s talkin’ here!
What do Petey, Big Petey, Regular Petey, Irregular Petey, Ortho Petey, Re Petey and Joey Bagga Donuts have in common? more
Arts and EntertainmentLet it snow—at Mt. Charleston!
This is going to be the year I learn how to snowboard. I promise myself this every winter. But really, this is the year. more
Arts and Entertainment’Tis the season
We’re talking Nat Cole singing about chestnuts roasting on an open fire, or a symphony galloping through “Sleigh Ride.” And this week the place to ... more
Arts and EntertainmentMiranda Lambert
It took a little longer for her to connect, but Miranda Lambert eventually had the older post-NFR crowd nearly as enthusiastic as the teen-girl fans ... more
Arts and EntertainmentOasis
Fifteen years of braggadocio, buffoonery and brotherly brawling—not to mention a long string of undistinguished albums—have soured Noel and Liam Gallagher for all but their ... more
Arts and EntertainmentPresents from the past
Looking for a holiday gift for your favorite music lover? These reissues make some of 2008’s best musical presents. more
Arts and EntertainmentD’oh, Henry!(1 comment)
Just when you think you know which way Insurgo’s going to go, they zag to your zig. Case in point: director John Beane’s traditional staging ... more
Arts and EntertainmentFinds at the Factory
Bill Fravel, whose watercolor landscapes inaugurate the new Rever Gallery, does not fit the stereotype of the prim and prissy purist who frowns upon new ... more
Arts and EntertainmentDance the night away
For its fall outing, the College of Southern Nevada Dance Department offered a bill mixing an abstract and intellectually distant duet with a large-scale cynical ... more
Arts and EntertainmentWinter garden
The tree is 45 feet tall, the reindeer made of whole pecans. That wreath is 21 feet high. The four toy soldiers would dwarf Yao ... more
Arts and EntertainmentAliante Station: Dime-store modern(1 comment)
The 202-room, $662 million Aliante Station in North Las Vegas feels like an off-the-rack Red Rock. Both share a desert-modern vibe of textured-rock-meets-sheets-of-glass, but Aliante ... more
Arts and EntertainmentHe’s tricky
Rick Lax is a magician turned lawyer turned author. Weekly sat down with the man at his de facto workplace, Borders at Town Square. more


Jean-Claude Van Damme has spent the last 20 years convincing audiences that he can’t act, so the fact that he shows some vulnerability and emotional ... more
ScreenNothing Like the Holidays
Simplistic and soapy, Nothing Like the Holidays nonetheless succeeds in warming the cockles. more
ScreenAction flashback
With this week’s release of the Jean-Claude Van Damme meta-comeback vehicle JCVD, we got to thinking about our favorite has-been action stars, and the highlights ... more
ScreenMoving forward but standing still
The Day the Earth Stood Still, which in 1951 spoke to the nation’s anxiety about the terrible power of nuclear fission, has now gone green. more
ScreenDark Streets
Lavishly styled but narratively lax, Dark Streets slides by just enough on its beautiful images and sumptuous soundtrack to be worth seeing. more

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Mixed vintage
TasteThere’s no denying that the wine bistro, a yuppified version of the gastropubs now springing up in major American cities, is having its day. Which brings us to The Grape at Town Square.
Regulate your app-etite
There is a critical time between Thanksgiving feasts and New Year’s resolutions that is commonly known as the black hole of dieting.
Red-carpet McDonald’s
TasteWhen a new restaurant opens on the Strip, owners like to announce their presence to the world with a grand opening. This turns out to be true even when the restaurant isn’t at all grand, like the new McDonald’s next to Circus Circus.




CD Cover Presents from the past
Looking for a holiday gift for your favorite music lover? These reissues make some of 2008's best musical presents.
CD Cover Britney Spears
After several years of tabloid turmoil, baby-makin’ and bizarre behavior, Britney Spears is back on track doing what she does best: crafting wholly disposable, ultra-manufactured and downright irresistible pop music.
CD Cover Shiny Toy Guns
The term “unclassifiable” may have negative connotations when it comes to disease or foodstuffs, but in the case of Shiny Toy Guns, it’s an unequivocal compliment.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Dec 11, 2008
by Xania Woodman

Le Bohemia

When lead bartender Jerry Vargas met tall, lychee-sweet St-Germain liqueur, well, it was love at first sip, and he was inspired to employ it to build upon a classic gin ...