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Best in PrintIt all connects somehow
Travels in the invisible city read article
Best in PrintA sobering proposal
A Weekly nightlifer takes a rare look at booze-free partying read article
Best in PrintIt’s tricky
Hey, new guy, why won’t you let the old magician cut off your head? read article
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The Intersection

The IntersectionFeeding the city
On a chilly Christmas Eve morning, Julie Murray, the CEO of Three Square Food Bank, and her staff were on the job well before 8 ... more
Suggestion box: Enjoy free money
t’s a sorry time for our country, especially for our schools, but there’s a way to change that. If only anyone was taking advantage of it. more
The Help Desk
Las Vegas Philharmonic executive director fired. Why couldn’t it have been the guy with the cymbals? Fry’s former executive charged with stealing more than $60 ... more
The IntersectionFrom courtroom to bookshelf(1 comment)
When Margaret Rudin was on trial for killing her husband, Ron Rudin, in 2001, she wrote a poem. It begins with what she prayed for ... more
The IntersectionCan you feel the length tonight?
My 9-year-old niece sat next to me at the Minskoff Theatre in New York City, utterly enthralled. Her widened eyes were glued to the visual ... more


NightlifeThink and drive
I’ve done it. So have my friends. The majority of the nightlife industry has done it as well (and quite a few have been caught). ... more
NightlifeDesperately seeking DJ
So you think you can DJ? Now you have not one but two chances to prove yourself to the masses. For those seriously pursuing a ... more
NightlifeIn with the old
Manhattan’s Pegu Club is heaven for this confirmed cocktailian, but rather than St. Peter wielding his keys to heaven, I’m met by a duo of ... more
Some say “socialite,” others say “cheap-ass”(1 comment)
As Light Group’s 2008 Las Vegas Socialite of the Year, I was excited to dig into my oversized Christmas stocking, touted to be filled with ... more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentOver the Top? Nah
Yeah, ZZ Top is a Texas mile past their hit-making years, but their best stuff has real staying power well worth the $25 ticket price. more
Arts and EntertainmentMadigan, man
Kathleen Madigan boasts Midwestern upbringings, an arsenal of biting impressions, highly personal storytelling and a defiantly codependent relationship with alcohol. more
Arts and EntertainmentMamma Mia!, by the numbers!
How many yards of Spandex have been used in the construction of costumes for The Dynamos in the Mandalay Bay production of Mamma Mia!? more
Arts and EntertainmentChatting with One Pin Short
It’s not every day a Vegas band tours with a national act of Reel Big Fish’s stature. The popular ska band handpicked local reggae/ska group ... more
Arts and EntertainmentChristmas break
Who needs midnight mass when you can drink juice called ass? The Double Down Saloon held its annual White Trash Christmas Party on December 24, ... more
Arts and EntertainmentFrom Santa Fe, with love
Michael Costello uses photography as a starting point. From there, a complex and experimental process evolves—a way to meditate on the very nature of seeing ... more
Arts and EntertainmentPaint the town
The three-story building at 601 E. Fremont, at the edge of Downtown’s Fremont East District, has seen duty as a Sears store and a fingerprinting ... more
Arts and EntertainmentReverb’s return
Sagging economy be damned! So say the men behind budding Downtown music festival Neon Reverb. more
Arts and EntertainmentMarking time
What if eight-track tapes were a billion-dollar business today, more popular than iPods and Zunes? Would that be any stranger than the fact that U.S. ... more
Arts and EntertainmentThe King James of noir
Ken Bruen has been perfecting his hard-boiled prose for a little over 10 years now. His finely crafted noir novels seem to get sparser, tougher ... more
Running man
Some people have epiphanies in church, others atop mountains. Haruki Murakami’s came on April 1, 1978, on the grassy knoll behind Jingu baseball Stadium in ... more
Arts and EntertainmentPaint the town
The three-story building at 601 E. Fremont, at the edge of Downtown’s Fremont East District, has seen duty as a Sears store and a fingerprinting ... more


ScreenA rote book report
It’s hard to believe that a movie whose first half is all about passionate, semi-taboo sex featuring a frequently nude Kate Winslet, and whose second ... more

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Viva Via Brasil!
TasteSuddenly, there is a wealth of churrascarias, or Brazilian-style barbecues, in the city, none more unabashedly authentic than Via Brasil, which spells Brazil as it is in done in Portuguese.
Mini mints
TasteThe battle of the breath just got kicked up a notch. Actually, down. We’re always excited when we get packages at Weekly, but nothing piqued our curiosity quite as much as the arrival of a six-pack of Altoids’ newest product—Altoids Smalls.
60-second grocery shopper
TasteMasala and stir-fry dishes often depend on making a ginger and garlic paste to act as an integral layer of flavor. Laxmi Ginger-Garlic Paste is one good shortcut.
GQ: Eating up Las Vegas
TasteIf you can drag your eyes past the nearly naked Jennifer Aniston on the cover, then past the nearly naked photos of Jennifer Aniston on Page 60, Page 63 and Pages 64-65, the January issue of GQ has a “best eats” package with a couple of nice Vegas shout-outs.




CD Cover Under the radar albums
The end of 2008 is the perfect excuse to clue you in on a few albums that have been appreciated, but previously un-reviewed, by the Weekly.
CD Cover Fall Out Boy
Fall Out Boy is still a scrappy live rock band, but its studio confections are now pure pop ear candy. That was evident on 2007’s glossy Infinity on High, and ...
CD Cover Desertscraped: New Noise From the Neon Wilderness
A noble attempt to document Las Vegas’ generally ignored experimental scene, this 13-track compilation succumbs more to logistics than to its oddball sound array. Curated by local writer Jarret Keene, ...

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Dec 31, 2008
by Xania Woodman

The Bearded Clam

A verrry distant cousin of the Mojito, the Caipirinha and the Batida is the Bearded Clam, created by Frankie's Tiki Room by bartender Alice Hartling. In a pint glass, muddle ...