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Kathleen Madigan at House of Blues
January 3, 9 p.m.
House of Blues, 632-7600
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LOL w/ Madigan (9/2/04)
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Kathleen Madigan
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You’ve got your Sarah Silvermans: Stereotype-mocking, character-driven hotties who may coast on their looks and the same hour of material they’ve flogged for years. You’ve also got your Margaret Chos, they of the socio-political hard line and eternally dedicated if somewhat limited fan base. Let’s not forget your Lisa Lampanellis, either: updated female versions of Don Rickles in ironic, ’50s-housewife pearls. Then somewhere in between you’ve got your Kathleen Madigans. They boast the Midwestern upbringings, arsenal of biting impressions, highly personal storytelling and defiantly codependent relationship with alcohol. They’re also the ones who have seen and done it all, from Last Comic Standing, Comedy Central and every late-night talk show in between, to releasing three albums and currently making regular appearances on Lewis Black’s The Roots of All Evil. She may not be a traditional role model, but when it comes to zero-compromise comedy, Madigan’s as unique as they come.


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