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Best in PrintNo bailout necessary
Nine businesses that are thriving despite the recession read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionThe headliner that got away
I am one of just 70 people packed into an air-conditioning-less basement at an “experimental” theater in SoHo watching a gargantuan, nearly naked gender-bender stomping ... more
The IntersectionThe recession will be televised
The question on everyone’s mind was how CES would do in a down economy, and whether people still needed all the gizmos and devices the ... more
Art movement
The art life’s a bitch. Just ask Andreana Donahue, owner/director/curator of Main Gallery, who celebrated the new year by perusing the classifieds. more
Suggestion box: Revive late night weddings
Las Vegas has to step up its game in the bride wars. How should we fight back? more
The Help Desk
Las Vegas sees dip in robberies. Well, unless you count the banks robbing people of their homes, their hopes and their dreams. Mayor Oscar Goodman ... more
The IntersectionLocal scientist tries to revive conversation on nukes
About a thousand feet below the desert at the Nevada Test site are some two kilometers of tunnels, labs, plutonium and scientists. more


NightlifeWhen in Rome …(2 comments)
Swingers, Lifestyle, like-minded individuals … Whatever the nomenclature, the community of adults in committed relationships desirous to involve others sexually is massive. more
NightlifeThat’s “Ray J’s Poetry,” thank you
This Saturday, January 17, recording artist Ray J will celebrate his 28th birthday at Poetry Nightclub. Think of Ray J’s appearance as a house party. more
NightlifeEven more revealing
Playboy TV’s newest show premiered on January 10, and you may recognize some of the unsuspecting customers who walk into the VIP room of the ... more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentFeel lucky, punk? Go bowling
Now that the porn stars have left town, it’s time for the punks to take over. Expect some awesome hair and sweet tattoos. more
Arts and EntertainmentLost” confounds, again(1 comment)
A handful of important characters—Claire, Jin, Michael, Faraday and Locke—ended last season with their fates in question. Who is really dead? more
Arts and EntertainmentA growing festival
Now in its eighth year, the Las Vegas Jewish Film Festival continues to expand and build on its success, this year branching out to encompass ... more
Arts and EntertainmentMMJ: Live in Vegas, after all
So apparently, My Morning Jacket was too busy to play an actual show in Las Vegas in 2008, but found time to sneak into town ... more
Arts and EntertainmentMBV 3D
No movie caught my attention more than My Bloody Valentine, a 1981 Canadian horror film that originally featured, among other atrocities, an eyeball popping from ... more
Arts and EntertainmentUnited” it falls
In Diablo Cody’s United States of Tara, there’s the sarcastic, worldly teen girl; her gay, classic Hollywood-loving brother; some clueless but well-meaning parents; and plenty ... more
Arts and EntertainmentWhere the heart is
The American dream of owning one’s own home has turned into a nightmare. The good news is that nightmares can inspire artists. more
Arts and EntertainmentFlower power
Having wine with The Petals is probably akin to having beer with a female Flight of the Conchords, or perhaps warm tea with Ana Gasteyer ... more
Arts and EntertainmentSleek, red and sexy
The Red Convertible is Louise Erdrich’s collection of fabulously sexy new and selected tales. more
Arts and EntertainmentUp from the streets
It’s safe to say there’s not a lot of street art on the streets of Henderson. But in John Martone’s online gallery,, which he ... more
Reading Room: Not dead yet!
It’s still there, the Reading Room. You may have assumed that the plucky and wonderful independent bookstore occupying a broom closet in Mandalay Place had ... more
Epic compatriots
I’m not expecting to depart clutching a cassette tape when I enter the Freakin’ Frog Saturday night. more


ScreenLast Chance Harvey
The standard line on Last Chance Harvey is that it’s refreshing to see a romantic vehicle for older actors, but the truth is that just ... more
Tuvia (Daniel Craig), Zus (Liev Schreiber) and Asael (Jamie Bell) are three brothers of Russian-Jewish heritage. When World War II and Nazi threats loom, they ... more
ScreenNot exactly “Revolutionary”
Revolutionary Road opens with two scenes so beautifully judged—so perfect a précis of a marriage in crisis—that they just about render the rest of the ... more
ScreenWrestling with greatness
Listening to the buzz about The Wrestler, you might guess that it’s a movie about the resurrection of Mickey Rourke’s career. more
Woolard plays Biggie Smalls as if he were born to the part; he so fully occupies this character that you might believe you’re watching the ... more

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Spicing up the suburbs
TasteWhere does one go for a decent goat curry? I hear you cry. Taza, Henderson’s first Indian restaurant, has one every day on its bountiful lunch buffet.


AVN Awards / AEE Convention Coverage



CD Cover Matt & Kim
Brooklyn couple Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino didn’t know how to play their instruments—keys and drums, respectively—when they first teamed up in 2004.
CD Cover Animal Collective
Will the first disc I review in 2009 be the best I hear all year? Quite possibly.
CD Cover Glasvegas
A clever name is about the only novel thing about Glasvegas, the latest U.K. band to earn rapturous praise from fans and press alike.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Jan 15, 2009
by Xania Woodman

Murai Family Sugidama (Cedar Ball) Junmai Ginjo Sake

On the auspicious occasion of the inauguration of America’s 44th president, I personally will be toasting the exeunt of the 43rd president and his cohorts with sake, a tribute to ...