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State of siege
It’s not hyperbole to say this year’s legislative session will be unlike any other in the state’s ... read article
Best in PrintCheap (and free) tricks
A bunch of fun stuff to do and acquire for the right price—little to nothing read article
Best in PrintWhat’s that in your genes?
Beauty and deception: Looking at hot women through the lens of evolutionary psychology read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionThe museum we can’t use
At the north end of the Springs Preserve, construction crews are wrapping up work on the large new Nevada State Museum—the state’s most ambitious museum. more
Mini rant: R-J Editor Tom Mitchell, Bullshit!
Last week’s anti-budget-cuts rally at UNLV caused the usual irritable-bowel syndrome in R-J Editor Tom Mitchell, who, in his blog, chastised students for demeaning public discourse. more
Old ladies, please!
So the movie at a packed Green Valley Ranch theater is about to start when three elderly ladies come in, looking for last-minute seats together ... more
The IntersectionRe-experiencing Fremont Street
The vibe at The Fremont Street Experience has changed from even a year ago, when panhandlers and bargain-hunters and a terrible odor were the most ... more
The IntersectionStaying power
Even sex, at least the not-for-profit kind, is feeling the recession. But, as with other museums, big sponsors help. more
The Help Desk
Assessor’s office: 200,000 may pay lower property taxes this year. The remaining 1.8 million don’t have homes anymore. Las Vegas 3-year-old boy survives 325-pound snake ... more
Si, vamanos
“You know,” Michael Weaver says to me at the tail end of a lunch appointment that has been filled largely with gloom about the state ... more
The IntersectionEmissions impossible
Fixing a Toyota 4Runner at a 2G station after failing the smog check: $1,344.75. Getting around the smog check by spending a minimum amount in ... more


NightlifeTao moves on down the road at Sundance
For the first year in recent memory (three years, to be exact), Tao Group did not hold its 10-day roster of wild and crazy nights ... more
NightlifeEmma Hughes
As one of her many gigs, this professionally trained dancer/model is one of a handful of Bocce Bellas who in warmer months help folks play ... more
NightlifeCold hands, warm hearth
Just 10 hours ago I was calf-deep in fresh Utah powder, floating over slopes I couldn’t have climbed back up without an oxygen tank, in ... more
We’re not gonna take it
Forget acoustic guitars and hippies singing “Kumbaya.” A Vegas rally needs dance music! more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentA tale of two Super Bowls
While the Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers churn up the field this Sunday in Tampa Bay, Las Vegas’ Super Bowl XLIII parties will also be ... more
Arts and EntertainmentStrange circle of friends
“Friends” might not be the best word to describe the uneasy yet undeniably connected gathering of artists grouped at the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art’s ... more
Arts and EntertainmentAnthony Crivello as the Phantom in Phantom: The Las Vegas Spectacular
Crivello, who won a 1995 Tony Award for his work in Kiss of the Spider Woman, has reunited with that production’s director, Hal Prince, in ... more
Arts and EntertainmentStay the night(8 comments)
Maybe I’m just cranky, but I feel compelled to tell the artists where I think they’ve taken a wrong turn, as well as where I ... more
Arts and EntertainmentThe NFL’s secret lover
Las Vegas has a long and complicated history with the National Football League. more
Arts and EntertainmentCentury markings
When the city of Las Vegas celebrated its 100th anniversary a few years ago, Mark Hall-Patton, administrator of the Clark County Museum, knew that his ... more
The Weekly’s Voice
The results are in for the latest edition of The Village Voice’s prestigious Pazz & Jop critics poll, and the winner is … Las Vegas ... more
Portal to … nowhere
Call it another casualty of the crappy economy. Originally expected to launch in late spring, the Metro Arts Council’s web portal, intended to put all ... more
Arts and EntertainmentH.O.T.S. bound for somewhere
Vegas punk trio Holding on to Sound (aka H.O.T.S.). is set to play for its biggest audience ever, at the Joint at the Hard Rock ... more
Arts and EntertainmentAmerican beauties
Jay Parini’s latest book, Promised Land: Thirteen Books That Changed America, plots the course of America’s Manifest Literary Destiny. more


ScreenStupid yet watchable
Arriving on U.S. screens nearly a full year after it opened in Europe, Taken, the latest hyperviolent potboiler produced and co-written by slick action ace ... more
ScreenThe Unnecessary
This week sees the opening of horror movie The Uninvited, which wasn’t screened for critics by press time. Just a few weeks ago, the same ... more
ScreenNew in Town
What exactly is wrong with city living? Every time some confident, career-oriented city dweller in a Hollywood movie finds him or herself in a small ... more

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Unusual name, great food
TasteTake one highly seasoned food and wine professional. Then add a brilliant young chef and a sleek modern design. The result is Pips at the Aliante Station Casino, so far one of this year’s big surprises.


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CD Cover Almost a dream
Bruce Springsteen’s new album, Working on a Dream, is most satisfying at its saddest and most disappointing at its most ambitious. It’s also the only Springsteen album in which the ...
CD Cover A.C. Newman
With his second solo effort, The New Pornographers prolific songwriter and multi-instrumentalist merely demonstrates that in terms of output, less can be more.
CD Cover Steve Martin
Yes, it’s that Steve Martin, adding musician to a resume that already includes comedian, actor, playwright, novelist and screenwriter. Actually, Martin’s been playing the banjo at least as long as ...

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Jan 29, 2009
by Xania Woodman


Before GM Brian Mongeon and manager Eric Smith’s co-creation the Panacea—meaning “The Elixir of Life”—Boa had another Alchemia Ginger cocktail on their list, and “it was good,” says Mongeon, “but ...