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Best in PrintMaking designs on Vegas
Four of Sin City’s leading architects and urbanists join the Weekly for a spirited discussion about building ... read article
Best in PrintA completely biased account of a fake sporting event
Can the Washington Generals finally beat the Globetrotters, with a little pep talk from our own reporter? read article
Best in PrintThe impossible dream
One man’s unlikely quest to transform the Strip read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionAffordable trees, cared-for children and drive-up pawn shops
So here we are at the Henderson Parks and Recreation Center conference room, where, during the monstrous downfall of civilization, seven people have gathered to ... more
Suggestion box: No more fodder for GOP
We have to hand it to Harry Reid. At a time when the country can ill-afford pet projects, Reid, with a straight face no less, ... more
The IntersectionIs it Oscar vs. Obama or Oscar vs. Oscar
There is an axiom I’m sure you’re all very familiar with that there’s no such thing as bad publicity. It is, it often seems, a ... more
The IntersectionSorry, Sammy
It seems almost like a fairy tale in which a lone black woman—before the civil rights movement, before the integrated Rat Pack appeared on the ... more
The Help Desk
Forbes calls Las Vegas America’s “emptiest” city. We’re so desperate, we’ll even let Chris Brown stay here. Oscar Goodman demands Barack Obama apologize for Las ... more


NightlifeMerry in the face of Fear
When I first read Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, I felt the smug satisfaction of “getting it.” I went so far as to assume ... more
NightlifeOn Fuego
Club Rio, which opened in 1995 and closed in 2006, has been something of an eyesore the past few years. I can say this because ... more
NightlifeThe Ultimate Caipirinha
Hard to pronounce but easy to enjoy, cachaça (ka-SHAH-sah) is Brazilian rum distilled from freshly pressed sugarcane. more
NightlifeV Bar gets some love, turns 9
A ninth anniversary is a rare milestone for a Vegas nightclub/lounge/place you go to get tipsy. Having done just that, V Bar is celebrating with ... more
NightlifeThings that make us go ‘eww’
Through our frequent nightclub excursions, we’re struck by reoccurrences of the things that make us recoil in horror. If you’re looking to avoid scrutiny from ... more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentMonkey” in the middle
Whatever happened to good old-fashioned nature shows? You know, National Geographic specials with dry British narration and lots of scenes of lions chasing gazelles? more
Arts and EntertainmentMust-scream TV
Less a look at how the law works than an unfiltered examination of the human condition, the Vegas-set documentary series Sin City Law returns with ... more
Arts and EntertainmentNoara Mello as a zebra in “O”
Mello, who describes herself as “spontaneous and playful,” jumped at the chance to double as a back-up zebra. more
Arts and EntertainmentBrainerd
Noteworthy aspect: Intermittently, a singer rasps it up like a Captain Beefheart/lost-at-sea-pirate hybrid. more
Arts and EntertainmentPuscifer(2 comments)
It’s probably Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan’s own fault that the debut (and so far only scheduled) performances from his side project Puscifer were unable ... more
Arts and EntertainmentBoot and rally
Ink Fridays briefly relaunched inside Sinister Rock Bar on Friday the 13th (eek!) with veteran Vegas metal band Hemlock bringing the fans out in droves—including ... more
Arts and EntertainmentSound and furry
Traditionally nerdiness hasn’t been known to score points in abrasive subcultures, and the guys in Vegas outfit Mons Wolff know it. more
Arts and EntertainmentShooting stars?
They showed up to watch, just two of 13,529 spectators on hand for tonight’s Runnin’ Rebels game against Colorado State at the Thomas & Mack ... more
Arts and EntertainmentPerfecting practice
Top sociologist Malcolm Gladwell knows the recipe for success: 10,000 hours of practice. more
Arts and EntertainmentBust out, Mr. Berry
Using the detective story to make a philosophical or cultural inquiry and get weird at the same time is a venerable tradition, handed down from ... more
A higher class of doodle
New from McSweeney’s: Be a Nose, a $29 bundle of sketchbooks from Maus creator—and Pulitzer-winner—Art Spiegelman. more
The Weekly brainteaser
1. Jean is shorter than Brutus, but taller than Imhotep. more
Arts and EntertainmentLocals disappoint at Dam Short Film Festival
At Boulder City’s Dam Short Film Festival , Amber Beard’s sweet coming-of-age story Growing Up Vegas (also shown at CineVegas in 2008) took the top ... more
Arts and EntertainmentProduction predictions
Shutter one Strip production, nobody raises an eyelash. But even by our standards, this is getting ridiculous. more


ScreenFired Up
Loud, aggressive, desperately ribald and pathetically unfunny, Fired Up lives down to every expectation you might have for a film produced under the aegis of ... more
ScreenSome real Oscar surprises
The producers of this year’s Academy Awards ceremony (airing February 22 at 5:30 p.m. on ABC) have promised a show full of surprises, even if ... more

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Breakfast, Chinese-style
TasteOne of the weekend’s essential components has to be the big-breakfast meet-up with friends. But really—pancakes and eggs, again? Time to branch out.




CD Cover Brainerd
Noteworthy aspect: Intermittently, a singer rasps it up like a Captain Beefheart/lost-at-sea-pirate hybrid.
CD Cover Solarcade
Solarcade is the musical brainchild of Las Vegan Paul Van and Los Angeleno Tony Pomilla, who strive to be a kind of Coldplay for the high-minded crowd.
CD Cover Mark Olson & Gary Louris
Two decades ago, Minnesotans Mark Olson and Gary Louris helped launch the alt-country movement with their band The Jayhawks.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Feb 19, 2009
by Xania Woodman

The Ultimate Caipirinha

Hard to pronounce but easy to enjoy, cachaça (ka-SHAH-sah) is Brazilian rum distilled from freshly pressed sugarcane. Cabana Cachaça’s master distiller visited Summerlin’s Via Brasil earlier this week to meet ...