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Best in PrintThe Review Issue
In these troubled times, what could be more important than what we think about stuff? read article
Best in PrintEdifice complex
Can The Smith Center really save the arts in Las Vegas? read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionStopping power
Out here there’s no love for development. This is the iconic Old West. more
The IntersectionCatch the rising stars
Erich Bergen has one of those clean-cut young faces that make you want to pinch his cheeks and mess up his hair. more
Suggestion Box: Exclude cheaters
We all know that Nevada’s educational system, well, sucks. But do we need to add insult to injury by condoning cheating? more
Dirty work
Even in the midst of an economic downturn, there are always plans in the Las Vegas Valley for new homes. And in Henderson, those plans ... more
The Help Desk
O.J. Simpson supporters start fundraising website to help him appeal his conviction in Las Vegas. Itow if they could only find a lawyer who’ll work ... more


Eastern promises
Who could have foreseen that what began as a simple French patisserie in a quiet West Sahara strip mall would become a unique gem in ... more
NightlifePop Quiz, Hot Shot
What was the most shocking aspect of porn star Sasha Grey’s 21st-birthday bash at Tao? more
NightlifeQ & A with Sharam of Deep Dish
Sharam and friends will descend on Rain this weekend to promote his new album Get Wild. We’re guessing that’s exactly what he’ll do. more
NightlifePearly Gates—Sweet speed demon
“If I didn’t have roller derby in my life, it would be really empty.” more
DeLuca Liquor & Wine, Ltd. is now Wirtz Beverage Group
The name of wholesale distributors DeLuca Liquor & Wine, Ltd. will soon be no more. more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentThe business of killing
I am a man like you,” Maximilien Aue cries at the outset of this bulging, lurid tale, “I am just like you!” He might be ... more
Arts and EntertainmentTwo of a kind
The paired works on this weekend’s UNLV Opera Theatre bill abandon the upper classes and the mythical characters that form the basis for most grand ... more
Arts and EntertainmentHousing new hope
When one door closes, so they say, another door opens. In this case, the door opening is that of Ambient Art Projects. more
Arts and EntertainmentThe Perry Bible Fellowship Almanack
Nicholas Gurewitch’s Perry Bible Fellowship can always be counted on to confuse debates about the quality of print comics vs. web comics, given that it ... more
Arts and EntertainmentHeading into space-dock
When Sci Fi’s Battlestar Galactica premiered as a miniseries in 2003, it didn’t arrive with many high expectations. more
Arts and EntertainmentCinematic Showgirls
When a DVD of Crazy Girls Undercover was hand-delivered by a barely dressed showgirl with a thick Eastern European accent (to commemorate new airings on ... more
Arts and EntertainmentWrapping up Neon Reverb
Last weekend’s Neon Reverb music festival screamed “success” on almost every front, from the quality of its performances to the communal spirit shown by the ... more
Bringing the lighting
The first time I met Dannion Brinkley in 2008 at his Green Valley home he gave me a prophecy that was so dead-on, I couldn’t ... more
Arts and EntertainmentA few movie treats
It will be a good week for movie fans, with three very different events offering the chance to catch some worthwhile programming on the big screen. more
Arts and EntertainmentStraight outta Persia
On came a young MC to briefly throttle the joint to attention. She was decked in black pants, a red top, a black vest, a ... more
Stand-up switch-ups
The Comedy Stop wasn’t really an ideal comedy room, with its boxy shape, dark hike to the bar and lengthy rectangular tables better suited for ... more


Not as smart as it looks
Duplicity is about the zippy chemistry between former secret agents, but it’s not until 45 minutes in that we find out what the plot really is. more
ScreenThe Class
Director Cantet observes the teacher-student dynamic with such probing patience that you can’t help but get emotionally involved in the struggle. more
Schoolkids are asked to draw their visions of the future; their efforts are then sealed into a time capsule to be opened 50 years hence. more
ScreenNicolas Cage: movie prophet
We can’t help but wonder: If Cage could actually see the future, what would his responses have been when offered roles in these movies? more

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Do not pass Goa
TasteIndia’s Grill is a dreary-looking restaurant in a dreary part of town. Why then, is my mouth watering whenever I think back to what I ate there?
60-second grocery shopper
TasteA cheaper alternative solution to V8 can be found at Fresh & Easy, where the store-brand veggie juice is comparable in nutrition to its more expensive counterpart.
Deep-fry them puppies!
TasteDeep-frying might be the best thing to happen to food since the advent of eating it. It’s alchemical.




CD Cover Handsome Furs
The second Handsome Furs album has barely been out a week, and I’m already sick of reading about how it improves on its predecessor.
CD Cover Chris Cornell
The former grunge-god frontman of Soundgarden and more recent fourth of Audioslave kicks off his third solo album with a volley of horns, which gives way to the mumbled, hip-hop-inspired ...
CD Cover Searchlight
Yes, Searchlight is singing about zombies.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Mar 19, 2009
by Xania Woodman

Buckbean Beer

As the song goes, “I like cold beverages.” Beer being one of these, I was beyond stoked to venture out to Lake Las Vegas on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon for ...