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Best in PrintCan’t top the music
Miami’s Winter Music Conference could show Las Vegas DJs a thing or two—or three read article
Best in PrintHanging out with the cast of Freaks
What is normal? What is extreme? What is entertainment? These are the questions that arise when the ... read article
Best in PrintLet’s fix this thing!
Five steps to a better life: a rant about responsibility read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionBuilding block
The competition was trying to be dignified, generous, sympathetic. “Yes, I think it would be devastating to Las Vegas for MGM to fail,” said Jan ... more
The IntersectionAsk not what your state can do for you …
Budget shortfall? What about a $5 Statewide Sex Act Tax. Let’s see, if half a million people have sex once a week … that’s $125 million. more
When the giving stops
Las Vegas is a town that depends on nonprofits more than most cities of its size, and one of the most visible signs of giving ... more
Amen Corner: Free guns for gamblers
Someone in Las Vegas finally gets it! Now there’s now a true incentive to gamble, thanks to the folks at bar chain O’Aces: guns! more
The Help Desk
Hugh Hefner celebrates 83rd birthday in Las Vegas. Scientists note a momentary disruption of the silicone balance on the Strip. Man who faked his own ... more


NightlifeFound: the cheapest bottle service in Las Vegas
Bottle service hits an all-time high (or maybe low?) at O’Sheas Casino, where, for just $45 you can purchase a 750-milliliter bottle of Smirnoff or ... more
NightlifeCadillac Ranch has something for everyone
A mechanical bull doesn’t automatically brand a venue a “country bar.” Or so says Cadillac Ranch, Town Square’s new meet market, restaurant, nightclub, bar, happy ... more
NightlifeThis is how we do it
Glassware becomes scarce as Las Vegas mixologists partake in three days of snockered shenanigans at the 2009 Grand Marnier & Navan Summit in Vail, Colorado. more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentRockabilly till you drop 
Viva Las Vegas 12 arrives Thursday through Sunday, April 9-12 with burlesque competition, a pre-1963 car show, jive lessons and more. more
Arts and EntertainmentGefilte fish can be fun
Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad comically solves some of the mysteries of Judaism—like what’s in the middle of gefilte fish—and jokingly celebrates hamantaschen, triangle-shaped pastries. more
Arts and EntertainmentBrave New NBT
What does ballet for a “new” and “young” audience look like? Here’s a hint: no tu-tus. more
Arts and EntertainmentBye-bye, Blender
Another decent magazine bites the dust. more
Get the arts education you always wanted
Five posts gathered from art discussion site—“no art degree required”—which went live to nonmembers on April 7. more
Arts and EntertainmentWatch those allergies: CDs are in the air!
Spring is officially here: The temperature is rising, pollen is all over our cars, and local CD releases are popping up like wildflowers. more
Arts and EntertainmentGeneration patient
Today’s tweens and teens are totally fine with deferred gratification. Maybe it’s all that Ritalin. more
Arts and EntertainmentEnd in sight
American TV shows never end. Or rather, they end all the time through cancellation, but they’re never meant to end. more
Arts and EntertainmentUnbelievable indeed(6 comments)
NPR contributor Stacy Horn writes with the attitude and tone of an independent-minded skeptic, but none of the actual independent-minded skepticism. I suspect this is ... more
Arts and EntertainmentRevisiting Richard
Years ago in a Soho gallery, I saw Richard MacDonald’s small bronze statue of Nureyev and found it beautiful and unique. more
Arts and EntertainmentSecret Identity: The Fetish Art of Superman’s Co-Creator Joe Shuster
In the late 1940s, Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster sued DC Comics for the rights to their character … and lost. Their names ... more


ScreenMore sad than funny
Hollywood comedies don’t generally require keystones, but Observe and Report—a film so stubborn and bizarre that it might more accurately be termed an anti-comedy—goes the ... more
The Weekly List: Scenes from the mall
Dawn of the Dead (1978) George Romero’s zombie classic is set primarily in an abandoned mall, where survivors of the zombie apocalypse hide out. more

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Finding its beat
TasteMost of the time, if I see an ambitious new restaurant, I pull for it consciously and subconsciously. Rhythm Kitchen is currently our only upscale restaurant with a New Orleans theme that doesn’t belong to Emeril. That makes me pull for it all the more.
Pour some Bourbon on it!
TasteCarl’s Jr. has debuted its new Kentucky Bourbon Burger… don’t even think about the calorie count.
Squeeze some bacon on it! Wait, what?
TasteIt’s got a shelf life of 12 years and is made from “U.S.-bred swine.” What more could you ask for?




CD Cover Sara Watkins
Former Nickel Creek member Sara Watkins makes her solo debut with a quiet, subdued album that encompasses folk, country and the progressive bluegrass for which her old trio was known.
CD Cover Bat for Lashes
Fierce tribal rhythms drive “Two Planets,” while “Daniel” is a spooky gothic gem shrouded in misty synth-pop.
CD Cover Prince
Prince’s latest work isn’t particularly memorable, though there are inspired moments on his new three-CD album.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Apr 9, 2009
by Xania Woodman

The Alaska Cocktail

 Of the Alaska cocktail (creator unknown), The Savoy Cocktail Book, circa 1930, says, “So far as can be ascertained this delectable potion is NOT the staple diet of the Esquimaux. ...