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JUNE 4 - JUNE 10
Legislature 2009 Winners and Losers
Thank God it’s over—who got their way, and who got screwed? read article
Best in PrintCome on, feel the noise!
Exploring the city’s cover-band scene with the big-haired kings of metal read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionEmpathy ratings
In choosing Sonia Sotomayor as his nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court, President Obama said he was looking for a judge with empathy. Let’s apply ... more
The Help Desk
Assembly overrides Gov. Gibbons’ veto of domestic-partnership bill. Finally, same-sex couples can have the same rights and responsibilities that the 50 percent of successful married ... more
Suggestion Box: The fight over city hall
The fight over Las Vegas’ new city hall was resolved this week, with the state Supreme Court overturning an effort by the Culinary Union to ... more
The IntersectionWhen the dust settles
Nevada off-roaders have avoided meaningful regulation for years; it’s the last Western state not to have off-road vehicle titling and registration. But that’s about to change. more
The IntersectionWary Harry
Reid’s numbers may be down, but can any Republicans beat him? more
The Gods have spoken(6 comments)
The talking statues at the Forum Shops are incomprehensible. These animatronic dinosaurs have been stammering on since 1992, and honestly, they should have hung up ... more
Ask Dead Elvis: Who is “Gentleman Gus”?
The new economy parking lot at McCarran Airport is located off Gus Giuffre Drive. Who was this Gus? Another corrupt local politician? more
The IntersectionThe Anti-Wynn(2 comments)
I was a bit confused when I showed up at the Treasure Island on Monday for lunch with its new owner, Phil Ruffin, and his ... more


NightlifeAnd theeen?
Ground control to major drama more
NightlifeIt’s the hottest thing on the red carpet, sucka!
Overpriced celebrity chew toys from Pure’s former managing partner? Stevie D. isn’t quite off the radar yet. more
NightlifeMariel Zagastizabal—Sham-wow!
Mariel doles out the good stuff poolside: frozen cocktails, cold towels and fresh-fruit kabobs, but that’s not all. more
OMG, we’re LOFAO over WMD, LOL! more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentTruth in the synthetic
The opening film at Cinevegas this year isn’t as high-profile as past offerings The Rocker, Hustle & Flow and Ocean’s 13, but like Ocean’s, it ... more
Arts and EntertainmentSmartly, Supernatural aims to please casual Santana fan
Legendary hippie rocker Carlos Santana and the Vegas tourist are on different wavelengths. more
Arts and EntertainmentAnimal Collective
On Saturday night, I felt proud to live in Las Vegas. I rarely experience that sensation at rock shows. more
Arts and EntertainmentBig bucks for famous bricks
Elvis left the building long ago, but his nasal douche remains and is being offered to the highest bidder. So are 30 pairs of Ann ... more
Arts and EntertainmentCompletely pain-free
You know it’s summer because USA is debuting another breezy, rather formulaic new drama that will be fun to watch but probably not occupy a ... more
Arts and EntertainmentBeer in a book
At 120 pages, B Is for Beer is just about the right size for a round-trip plane ride, and manages to fit a six-pack’s worth ... more
Arts and EntertainmentCounting cards
Artists from across the country were invited to create postcard-sized images reflecting the state or city in which they live. more
Arts and EntertainmentThe Brinkley Girls: The Best of Nell Brinkley’s Cartoons 1913-1940
In 1907, 22-year-old Nell Brinkley moved to New York City and began drawing illustrations for the Hearst syndicate of newspapers. Her subject matter tended to ... more
Arts and EntertainmentRocksteady prescription
If you ask, The Remedies will say they are the cure for musical hunger. Then they’ll admit their name stems from the preferred type of ... more
Arts and EntertainmentSo long to Skorch
Local garage-rock group Skorchamenza, which has been together six years and released two LPs, will play its last show June 5, at Divebar. more
Arts and EntertainmentBooming business(1 comment)
Boomers after hours isn’t a spectacular place. It’s your typical dive-drinking establishment—everywhere, there are neon beer signs, televisions older than most teenagers and the acrid ... more
Arts and EntertainmentGirly sounds
Time to show some love to the girls who keep up with the guys in local music and a nod to chicks who’ve been involved ... more
Arts and EntertainmentDoin’ the pasty hop
Somewhere between dance move, workout and wardrobe (mal)function is the pasty hop—the bouncing, jiggling movement that causes the tassels on a pair of pasties to ... more
Arts and EntertainmentIt’s chili out there
Contestants will battle it out in Red Chili, Chili Verde and Salsa categories, which require that chefs add no beans or pasta or other carbs ... more


ScreenHair of the dog
The Hangover is vulgar comedy that goes down easy. For 100 minutes the movie offers a glimpse into the Vegas of myth, the one that ... more
ScreenRating The Hangover against a real Vegas night of partying
How cute. Some tourists got effed up in Vegas. We challenge the next Vegas-debauchery movie to party local style-y. more
ScreenLand of the Lost
This ostensibly fun family movie features vulgar jokes a-plenty—if you ever wanted to see Will Ferrell douse himself in dinosaur urine or learn about the ... more
ScreenRudo y Cursi
Y Tu Mamá También‘s power duo of Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna are back together, this time under the direction of Mexican filmmaker Alfonso ... more
ScreenMy Life in Ruins
Nia Vardalos is a classical history professor-turned-low-budget tour guide, but begins to enjoy her job and find her Greek passion for life thanks to good ... more

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Eclectic pub fare
TasteToo much of a good thing is anathema in the restaurant world. So, in spite of the fact that I enjoyed myself at Bar Louie, the place puzzles me.
Dogs come out at night
TasteIt’s 3 a.m., you’ve been singing karaoke and swigging beers for hours, and now you need meat, preferably a New York-style hot dog with all the trimmings.
Original is still best
TasteCoffee offered by a redheaded clown in a yellow jumpsuit should be extremely confident. Indeed, McDonald’s coffee used to make the waifiest of us feel like longshoremen.




CD Cover Rancid
Although it’s been six years since Rancid’s last album, the Bay Area punks sound like they haven’t been away at all.
CD Cover Sleepy Sun
You don’t need to hear Sleepy Sun’s debut album—or the high praise being heaped upon it—to get the sense this is a band worth investigating.
CD Cover Iggy Pop
After a 40-plus-year musical career, Iggy Pop has earned the right to make Préliminaires

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Jun 4, 2009
by Xania Woodman


Pronounced like Caipirinha (kai-peer-EEN-ya), the Piña-pirinha (PEEN-ya-peer-EEN-ya), in just three ingredients, takes just the pineapple elements of a piña colada, spikes them (thank you, Skyy) and introduces them to the ...