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Best in PrintThe new Vegas identity: Unemployed
One laid-off reporter’s struggle to survive in one of the hardest-hit states in the country read article
Best in PrintTalking art, commitment and legal niceties at the Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth
Rick Lax traveled to the Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth and felt naked… very, very naked. read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionSin City brain wreck!
How do you improve a city? Make writer Chuck Twardy move away. It worked for Vegas. more
The IntersectionHendertucky Tough
Downtown residents are upset by the lack of respect their neighborhood gets. Try living in Hooterville, NV. more
The IntersectionEconomy be damned! Downtown gets a new gallery
Place Gallery opened last week and the new space suggests that the local arts scene here is starting to turn around. more
The IntersectionA week of woe thanks to Ensign, Sanford and the Las Vegas entrepreneur
We swear we’re not superstitious, but we can’t help but wonder why when bad things happen, it’s usually involving a number associated with musketeers, blind ... more
The IntersectionStupak’s true legacy
The Stratosphere helped create, and continues to complement, Naked City. more
Ask Dead Elvis: Old Vegas films(1 comment)
I saw a film a few months ago, Moon Over Las Vegas. It wasn’t very good, but it was interesting to see the look of ... more
The IntersectionFrittering Top Chef?
This is Las Vegas, the world capital of self-promotion and hype. How is it possible that this city could be, seven episodes into the season, ... more


NightlifeRevolutionary party: The Z-Trip interview(3 comments)
Z-Trip. Fridays. Rain Nightclub. The DJ born Zach Sciacca talks about how he hopes to push the boundaries of Vegas club music, artwork by Shepard ... more
NightlifeIt doesn’t suck: Lollypop’s Adult Nightlife (1 comment)
Third time hopes to be a charm at another Vegas titty bar with not a trace of Eau de Victoria’s Secret and which bills itself ... more
NightlifeHeidi Haldeman—On the dress-up lowdown
“Cosplay is the act of dressing up as your favorite anime character,” says Haldeman, who bartends in the Dragon Noodle Co.’s recently renovated Cosplay Lounge ... more
After careful consideration
Pure Management Group’s new marketing campaign positions the company as “The Nightlife Pacesetter.” Team Hangover would like to respectfully take a guess at what may ... more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentAfter and Before: Thom Sesma as Scar inThe Lion King
Sesma dons 50 pounds of leather for every performance, and that’s not even the difficult part. more
Arts and EntertainmentHalloween 2: Xania’s return
Xania Woodman faces two of Fright Dome’s scariest haunted houses… and cries. more
Arts and EntertainmentCamp Rodriguez Dead or Alive: sci-fi, elephant tusks and … John McCain?!
Ominously lit and oddly campy, Dead or Alive, You’re Coming With Me has a darkness that gives way to a playful sense of humor, sharp ... more
Arts and EntertainmentThe end is near, and ugly, in the intense fiction of Scorch Atlas
Scorch Atlas is less post-apocalyptic than it is contemporary, less aftermath and more in the heat and squelch of a horrid, horrifying end. more
Arts and EntertainmentIntroduction to obsession
If you don’t know anything about the poetry world, The Anthologist remains a fascinating if lightly plotted study in obsession, creative ambition and the quirks ... more
Tapes and Tapes: Michael Jackson or Bill Clinton?
Can you tell which of these quotes come from The Michael Jackson Tapes and which from The Clinton Tapes? more
Arts and EntertainmentAfter 23-year career, singer/dancer says farewell to the Strip
Stephanie Dianna Sanchez has no hard feelings about leaving Fantasy. She understands: That’s show business. more
Arts and EntertainmentESPN’s 30 for 30 brings depth to unsung sports stories
30 for 30 proves that TV about sports can be artistic, thoughtful and moving. more
Arts and EntertainmentMelancholics and the infinite rock band
Aging wannabe rock stars, Shrek and a brief encounter with Barenaked Ladies. more
Arts and EntertainmentKylie Minogue’s pop spectacle worth the (22-year) wait(1 comment)
“Does anyone know roughly off the top of their head how long it’s taken me to get here?” Kylie Minogue asked the packed house at ... more
Arts and EntertainmentRumble, young bands, rumble!(1 comment)
A self-described “mobile, monthly party” traveling from Seattle and Portland down through San Francisco to Los Angeles and San Diego, the Rumble makes its first ... more
Arts and EntertainmentVegas’ own Willy Wonka
Growing up in France, Lionel Clement created elaborate desserts with his mother, and dreamt of doing so on a larger stage. This weekend, the Wynn ... more
Arts and EntertainmentGreen Valley High’s “Laramie” raises eyebrows
An epilogue to The Laramie Project will have its world premiere on October 12—the 11th anniversary of Matthew Shepard’s death. The only place to see ... more


ScreenVince Vaughn: Pound-for-pound box office champion
In Hollywood, there are career penalties to pay for getting fat. Unless you’re Vince Vaughn. more
ScreenCouples Retreat
Couples Retreat has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. more
ScreenParanormal Activity(1 comment)
Paranormal Activity is at heart another haunted-house movie, albeit one that takes the time to think about the true nature of haunting. more
ScreenThe Burning Plain
The Burning Plain is a dour, heavy-handed drama. more

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All Thai’d up at Sakun
TasteAt this tiny Thai storefront, a bilingual menu reveals wonders like beef salad Lao-style, glass noodles with crab claw and Thai pork stew. Let’s put it this way, Max Jacobson is a regular.
New deli alert!
Treating everybody like a regular is the kind of service we want in our neighborhood deli, and now we’ve got it. Plus meatballs.
Vegas' own Willy Wonka
TasteGrowing up in France, Lionel Clement created elaborate desserts with his mother, and dreamt of doing so on a larger stage. This weekend, the Wynn Hotel’s chief chocolatier will do just that at the prestigious World Chocolate Masters competition.




CD Cover Onara
Not only does the band leap from metal to psychedelia to ska across the entire disc, but it also does it within individual songs, creating the rock equivalent of a ...
CD Cover The Lazystars
The Lazystars must get laid a lot. Now, they have new bait that will likely net them female and male fans.
CD Cover Theory of Flight
Filled with pop hooks and yearning melodies engineered by The Killers’ fader-tweaker Mark Needham, Within Reach is as radio-ready a disc as any independent band could hope.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Oct 8, 2009
by Xania Woodman

Strip House Napa Valley Reserve 2007

This custom cabernet sauvignon blend, created by food and wine aficionados “III Somms” (sommeliers from three of the country’s best restaurants: Jean-Georges, Daniel, and Ciao Vito) and winemaker Sashi Moorman, ...