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Vegas Valley Book Festival at a glance
Everything you need to know… and then some. read article
Best in PrintIn praise of Poe
Hitchcock? Stephen King? CSI? Hard to imagine any of them not owing a huge debt to the ... read article
Best in PrintRolling Stone? Please!
Ramparts magazine did it better, and influenced an entire generation of subversive journalists read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionTrucks don’t need no stinkin’ badges!(1 comment)
Why does the Highway Patrol’s “badge on board” program—in which troopers ride shotgun in selected 18-wheelers and cite drivers who stay in blind spots, don’t ... more
The IntersectionThere’s a battle over the hump in Pahrump(4 comments)
Pahrump—a town known for legal brothels and guns—is battling over the city’s image. more
Suggestion Box: Hey RJ, tell us something we don’t know
An R-J writer proclaimed that spiraling room rates are drawing a “trashier” clientele, one that—gasp!—brings coolers into rooms and apparently causes—double gasp!—room damage. more
The IntersectionLas Vegas appears to only be growing in intolerance(1 comment)
Hello, rising wave of intolerance, I haven’t seen you in a while. I was tempted to believe that momentarily we had dispatched with the villainization ... more
The IntersectionDeep Throat” merchandise (use your imagination)
Las Vegas-based Arrow Productions, the porn house that brought you the most celebrated skin flick in the adult industry has rolled out a long line ... more
The IntersectionGood ol’ Boyd
Since retiring as CEO of his corporation nearly two years ago, William S. Boyd has decided to “get back to what we did when we ... more
The IntersectionRandom photo of the week
“I can ride a bike with my old lady on the handlebars, on the handlebars…” more
The Help Desk(1 comment)
Steve Wynn says in conference call with investors, “The landscape in Vegas is troubling.” He then further shocked the group by revealing that water is ... more


NightlifeI Vant to Suck Your Vace
How do you make an emo douchebag look sexy? Give ‘em fangs. more
NightlifeCabo Wabo—and Sammy Hagar!—coming to Vegas(1 comment)
One tequila, two tequila, three tequila—oooh! Sammy Hagar! The Red Rocker is bringing Vegas its own outpost of his famous Cabo Wabo Cantina complete with, ... more
NightlifeA nice pair: Beer pairings as a nightclub alternative
At beer pairing dinners cropping up around town, suds and supper are a great match. more
NightlifeNite Bite: Planet of the Drums
In your face with some drum n bass! It’s been “ten f—king years” (their words, not ours) since Planet of the Drums formed and now ... more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentTime to go for Wayne Newton?(1 comment)
Newton could be a great host of a Vegas variety show. But he prefers to keep his show focused on his singing and not on ... more
Arts and EntertainmentGeorge Wallace
George Wallace has often been complimented for his marketing savvy, his skill as a promoter and his friends who jump up to guest with him. ... more
Stealing without tweeting
The Hollywood Burglar Bunch illuminates celebrity’s diminishing grip on us all. more
Arts and EntertainmentBusy Beekeeper sings … and prepares for zombie apocalypse
There’s nothing funny about the zombie apocalypse. more
Arts and EntertainmentDestination Vegas: Hardcore band gambles on leaving LA
One Stoney Anderson hits the stage, he transforms from quiet, unassuming punk into reckless, lewd rock ’n’ roll frontman. more
Arts and EntertainmentSlipknot
The final performance on Slipknot’s latest tour, Halloween night at the Pearl, was as intense as would be expected. more
Arts and EntertainmentSome super-exciting, utterly random factoids about Kelly Clarkson!
Our lives would suck without this American Idol winner. more
Arts and EntertainmentDrink in “Drunk” art
Drunk is the perfect pit-stop for boozy tortured artists. more
Arts and EntertainmentTurning the page
Altered States takes an age-old object—the book—in bold new directions more
Arts and EntertainmentRoll out the ’bones
At UNLV, 76 plus four equals 100. more
Arts and EntertainmentThree questions with comedian Lily Tomlin
Lily Tomlin (and Ernestine) tries not to take herself too seriously, but don’t tell the Academy that. more


ScreenThe Men Who Stare at Goats
The story of an elite unit of soldiers armed with psychic powers was plenty nutty on its own—playing it for broad laughs in “The Men ... more
ScreenThe Fourth Kind(1 comment)
In 2000, Dr. Abigail Tyler uncovered supposed evidence of widespread alien abductions in Nome, Alaska. In 2009, the movie about Tyler is just another lame thriller. more
ScreenA Christmas Carol
Listen, Robert Zemeckis, I think we need to have a talk. Remember when you used to make those cool popcorn blockbusters full of real actors ... more
ScreenCoco Before Chanel
As its name suggests, subtitled biopic Coco Before Chanel focuses on the “rags” aspect of Chanel’s rags-to-riches story. more

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Flashback dining at Summerlin's Carmel
TasteSwanky, intimate and comfortingly classic, they don’t make ‘em like this anymore.
The expanding Olive
More space for Henderson’s hookah and hummus spot is a very good thing.




CD Cover Creed
After eight years, nothing has changed.
CD Cover Julian Casablancas
Why you'll root for this Strokes member.
CD Cover Wolfmother
Lineup change have had a negligible effect on Wolfmother’s sound.

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Cocktail of the Week Nov 5, 2009
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