Some super-exciting, utterly random factoids about Kelly Clarkson!

It’s all you ever wanted

She’s, like, super cool.

• First: Season of American Idol won by Clarkson (2002).

• 58 and 42: Percentage of votes for her and for runner-up Justin something, respectively.

• Didn’t it start with a G?: Yeah, Justin Guano … Guantanamo … whatever.

• $5 million: Box-office take for 2003 film From Justin to Kelly.

• $67 million: Box-office take for 2003 film Kangaroo Jack.

• Guarini!: Yes, that’s it!

• 4: Clarkson’s albums so far: Thankful, Breakaway, My December, All I Ever Wanted.

• A full year: Time Breakaway spent in Billboard Top 20, only fourth album ever to do so.

• 10.3 million: Album sales in U.S.

• 20 million: Worldwide, bitches!

• 187: Clarkson’s ranking in the top 200 in album sales in the Nielsen SoundScan era.

• No idea: What that actually means.

• 8: Clarkson’s top-10 singles.


Kelly Clarkson with Parachute
Nov. 6, 8 p.m., $45.50-$171
The Joint

• “You Can Tap a Keg of My Love”: Single we mistakenly attributed to Clarkson at a party one time, trying to impress this really hot chick with our musical knowledge. Worked, too.

• Second: Clarkson’s finish in 2003 World Idol competition, losing to Norwegian Idol Kurt Nilson.

• It’s true: There really is a Norwegian Idol.

• No. 97 to No. 1: Rise, in ranking, of Clarkson’s 2009 single “My Life Would Suck Without You,” in its first week of release. That’s a record.

• That’s nice, but: We still can’t get over Norwegian Idol.

Jaws: Film that reportedly changed Clarkson’s mind about a career in marine biology. So thank Steven Spielberg and Bruce the fake shark for this fine concert opportunity.

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