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The decade that was
As much of the ’00s as we could handle read article
Best in PrintOur critics’ picks: The films, albums and books that defined a decade
Eternal Sunshine,” “Hail to the Thief,” “House of Leaves” and much, much more. read article
Best in PrintThe end of a decade: Comparing and contrasting ‘00 to ‘09
The times, they are a changin’… if it’s for better or worse is your call. read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionFive Dawn Gibbons quotes from Reno Magazine’s December profile
“Are you dating my husband?” more
Ranking Vegas is B.S.! Mostly…
Two recent rankings for Las Vegas on those now oh-so-common lists that reduce an entire population to a percentage point are so off the mark. more
The IntersectionTiger Woods vs John Ensign
We rate the scandals, including hotness, ick factor and hypocrisy. more
Suggestion Box: Stay silent, John Ensign
It’s just better that way. Really. more
The IntersectionHas Oscar been good for us?(3 comments)
Jon Ralston doesn’t hate Mayor Goodman, just a whole mess of stuff about him. more
The IntersectionPorn karaoke! (1 comment)
Porn veteran Sunset Thomas hosted Karaoke XXX. Unfortunately, no clothes were ripped off. more
The IntersectionWelcome to fabulous Lust Vegas, Mr. Woods(3 comments)
We should thank Tiger. He could very well be a one-man Las Vegas stimulus package. more
The tears and cheese of Glenn Beck
Rick Lax sits through the conservative firebrand’s very expensive live theatrical informercial for Beck’s Christmas book. more
The IntersectionRandom photo of the week
The camera is all up in his grill. And what a grill it is. more


NightlifeHere’s looking at you, id: A first look at Vanity Nightclub(4 comments)
The Hard Rock’s new nightspot is all about you. Yes, you. more
NightlifeStrip freezes over again with second Minus 5 Ice Lounge location
With a new Minus 5 location coming, the Monte Carlo’s “party pit” gets even cooler. more
Nightlife76 cheers for Repeal Day(1 comment)
You would think a celebration of our very right to the Patron in our cup would be something Vegas could get behind! more
Nightlife$250k Body English chandelier is up for grabs! (But read the fine print)
Goodbyes are hard, but you can bring home a big piece of Body English. more
NightlifeHerbs & Rye to make the New Year sweet and savory (1 comment)
The beloved Venetian Restaurant is reborn as an Italian ristorante and classic mixology bar. more
NightlifeTeam Hangover Report: Tourists, it’s what’s for dinner
Mama told me not to date tourists. It’s a truism for Vegas locals, yet so damn hard to follow. more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and Entertainment(Twin) Brother’s gonna work it out
“Nerdish” new local outfit sounds very un-Vegas. more
Arts and EntertainmentMetallica(1 comment)
Metallica should come to Las Vegas more than every five years. Maybe every three months. more
Putting the “movement” in Insurgo Theater Movement
Insurgo’s new next-door neighbors include a tranny bar, a hair salon, a Chinese tailor and a wig shop. more
Arts and EntertainmentThe nativity story, complete with Al Capone and The Smiths …(1 comment)
Baby Jesus rests on a disco ball once owned by Al Capone more
Arts and EntertainmentCSN Fall Dance Concert
This performance could have gone seriously wrong. more
Arts and EntertainmentChallenging expectations through dance (and frozen peas)
Mix contemporary music, classic poetry, modern dance, ladders, high school students and frozen peas. more
Arts and EntertainmentNo kidding, “The Nutcracker” might be for you, too(1 comment)
You don’t have kids or relatives in the performance, so why should you see “The Nutcracker”? more


ScreenSomeday her princess will come
The heroine of Disney’s new “The Princess and the Frog” sports something new: melanin. more
ScreenThe Princess and the Frog
“The Princess and the Frog” announces the return of the traditional Disney animated fable. more
ScreenBad Lieutenant: Port of call New Orleans
Two crazed maverick directors, two extraordinary films, one new movie about a very bad lieutenant. more
ScreenRed Cliff
Director John Woo returned to China to make the most expensive Chinese movie ever made. more
Clint Eastwood’s film does almost nothing but congratulate itself for two solid hours. more

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Jazzing up brunch
TasteCarlos Guia’s new brunch is stocked with goodies, like gumbo and French-toast bread pudding.




CD Cover Idol expectations
How Adam Lambert and Susan Boyle's new releases are shaping up.
CD Cover Nirvana
Nirvana was the most important band in the world in 1992.
CD Cover Radiohead
Ratings apply to “new” material only; we all know how good the originals are.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Dec 10, 2009
by Xania Woodman

Canton Crusta

Pollard says it was the history associated with this cocktail that inspired him to reinterpret it for the Domaine de Canton Bartender of the Year competition. “This classic cocktail, which ...