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May 13 - May 19
Best in PrintJacobs’ ladder
Local entertainment reporter Alicia Jacobs has risen to the top, but not without a few bumps and ... read article
Best in PrintArt of the heist
The story of the Pink Panthers - international jewel thieves who count Vegas among their daring jobs read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionChicken soup for the pole
She bandages their wounds. Gives them a shoulder to cry on. Stitches their G-strings - everything a good mother does. more
The IntersectionExpect nudity! And other things they teach you at the Census Bureau
If Hank Nalbantoglu takes one thing out of his stint as a Las Vegas census taker, it would be to keep your head up. Especially ... more
The IntersectionThe Toughest Sheriff in America defends Arizona’s immigration law(5 comments)
Arguably the most polarizing figure in the immigration debate, he’s a sheriff who’s been under investigation for everything from civil-rights violations to using his office ... more
The IntersectionFrom the follow-up file: Calvin Leslie
Leslie’s company, C&L Property Management, finds single-family homes to “rent” to the homeless using county subsidies. more
The IntersectionRandom photo of the week
Fresh Filipino shirts… more
The IntersectionWhy Steve Wynn should—and shouldn’t—fear China(5 comments)
The Las Vegas media lately has spent a whole bunch of ink and digital space attacking and analyzing Steve Wynn’s suggestion that he might move ... more
Dream Zone
“I hid under the couch and saw that he had a gun.” more
The IntersectionCutting class
With Nevada at 51st in the nation in “students’ chance of success,” it’s well past time to act. more
The Intersection5 Things We’re Thinking About This Week
Betty White on the Strip, cell-phone offenses and odd Aria art. more


NightlifeDay and Night at the Palms
From the season opener of Ditch Fridays during the day to NKOTB and Z-Trip at night, summer has arrived for Vegas partiers. more
NightlifeLingerie and cocktail lust(1 comment)
“Girls want any excuse to dress up like sluts.” more
NightlifeNikki Beach arrives in Vegas: A first peek
With the uncorking of a bottle of Dom, Nikki Beach Vegas was officially announced Tuesday. more
NightlifeNu kid in town
Nu Sanctuary Lounge aims to be a little bit of Ibiza in Town Square. more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentEmergency launch
Walking into artist Jerry Misko’s tiny, stylized gallery in Downtown’s new Emergency Arts, you’d never know that latex-gloved nurses once stitched wounds in the wee cube. more
Arts and EntertainmentFace the “MÜS.I.C.” and dance
They’re the newest stars of the Las Vegas Strip, but odds are you wouldn’t recognize even one of them if you bumped into them in ... more
Arts and EntertainmentGet cinekinky
Las Vegas is the ideal place for a film festival that celebrates sexuality in all its varied permutations. more
Arts and EntertainmentKenny Chesney title quiz
See if you can tell the genuine Chesney wordsmithing from the very clever fakes. more
Arts and EntertainmentThree rowdy nights of Punk Rock Bowling
Thoughts on the scene, the banter and the bands at Punk Rock Bowling. more
Arts and EntertainmentAgainst blobjects
At first glance, the matrixial shapes filling the walls of Trifecta Gallery appear sterile and plastic more
Arts and EntertainmentCrystal Castles
On their self-titled second album, Canadian dance-floor terrorists Crystal Castles tone down the haywire 8-bit fireworks and banshee screeches of their debut. more
Arts and EntertainmentBroken Social Scene
Think of Broken Social Scene as the indie-rock Wu-Tang Clan. more
Arts and EntertainmentGogol Bordello
Next to their raucous live shows, albums are hollow, pale imitations, and full-length No. 5 is no different. more
Arts and EntertainmentCourt Yard Hounds
Even without Natalie Maines, secondary Chicks Emily Robison and Martie Maguire create an album that’s in many ways an extension of the Dixie Chick’s 2006 release. more
Arts and EntertainmentKids these days
Get ready for a certain anti-drug PSA flashback. more


Starring Russell Crowe, the latest “Robin Hood” is all fury, no fun. more
ScreenLocal, funny, late night
“If you took ‘South Park’ and ‘Fat Albert’ and forced them to have sex with ‘Malcolm in the Middle’…” more
ScreenLetters to Juliet
The good news is that Letters to Juliet is only the third-worst romantic comedy set in Europe released this year. more
ScreenThe Good Guys
Fox hits the throwback well. more

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The 5 best things I ate at Vegas Uncork’d
TasteLamb sliders, rabbit meatballs and a cheesecake that tastes like … cheese?
The tapas train
TasteSmall bites get a makeover at Cana and Johnny Smalls.




CD Cover Deftones
Diamond Eyes is the group's strongest effort since 2000's excellent White Pony.
CD Cover The Hold Steady
Ultimately, "you can't go home again."
CD Cover The National
The band's full-length follow-up to 2007's The Boxer is just as conflicted and lovely.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Apr 15, 2010
by Xania Woodman

Now drink this: Sweet charity

Bellagio mixologist Darren West’s award-winning Passion for Fashion cocktail shows his passion for charitable causes as well. The winner of the Don Q Rum Mix-Off last Monday at Frankie’s Tiki ...