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July 1-July 7
Best in Print‘Are you all right?’
The employees of Victim Services see the worst of humanity in an endless fight for those left behind read article
Our troubles are over: Obama comes to Vegas!
A cartoon by Buddy Hickerson. read article
Best in PrintCool it! Our guide to foods that’ll help you beat the summer heat
Watermelon salad, an oyster sampler, frrrozen hot chocolate and more! read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The Intersection5 Things We’re Thinking About This Week
Birth control for pigeons and X-rays of Marilyn Monroe’s chest! more
The IntersectionWhose park is it, anyway?
There’s a bit of irony in the air as residents discuss four proposals for the Las Vegas Veterans Memorial Park, slated for Huntridge Circle Park, ... more
The IntersectionGene shopping
Researchers now plot ancient human migration with DNA, using “markers” in our genetic profiles that reportedly indicate where we’re ultimately from. more
The IntersectionSand! Hands! Action!
Hey, there was sand and there was water. Of course it counts. more
Whatta you think?
How can Obama get the true Vegas experience this week? more
Sex Toys R Us
“Adult novelty” to your home in as little as an hour! more
The IntersectionThomas & Smack
“The most important thing to help Vegas is to get a train up and running from LA. You get even a slow train, I don’t ... more
The IntersectionRandom photo of the week
Giddy up! more
Dream Zone
I dreamt last night that my grandpa was dying. more
The IntersectionAir Force Amy bares all at the brothel
First she went north, now she’s gone down south. Air Force Amy now is more accessible than ever to Las Vegas fans. more


NightlifeAn Effen good cocktail
Holland’s smooth premium vodka merges with champagne for the City Sparkler—perfect for summer sipping. more
NightlifeElectric Daisy Carnival comes to Vegas! Kinda…
Has the annual music festival added a Vegas date? more
NightlifeGetting to know… DJ Tatiana
Taking home the title at Tao Beats and winning over the crowd was Tatiana, a house DJ who moved to Vegas from LA about a ... more

Arts & Entertainment

The checklist: What are you consuming this week?
Dana White, Wyatt McKenzie and Paul van Dyk more
Arts and EntertainmentTrust us
Stuff you’ll want to know about more
Arts and EntertainmentPop and glamour
Artist Martin Kreloff is old Hollywood, pop art, Broadway show tunes and Miami art deco. more
Arts and EntertainmentArt along the way
Installations enliven LV Wash trail walk more
Arts and EntertainmentA perfect evening for ‘Bananafish’
It seems like any other night in any low-lit piano bar… more
Arts and EntertainmentEnd of an era
“It’s our last show, so you might as well stand up!” more
Arts and EntertainmentMother McKenzie’s big tour
The Weekly breaks it down, by the numbers more
Arts and EntertainmentSympathy for the vampire
All Twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart want is love more
Arts and EntertainmentOther People’s Rejection Letters
Most letters aren’t nearly as depressing, heart-wrenching or biting as they could be. more
Arts and EntertainmentMs. Never Miss: Erykah Badu
With every concert, I’m more convinced we’re witnessing a once-in-a-generation caliber performing artist. more
Arts and EntertainmentComedy cage match
You’ve got some tough decisions this holiday weekend. Sparklers or bottle rockets. Hot dogs or hamburgers. And to top it all off, where to get ... more
Arts and EntertainmentFive reasons not to miss Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
If Devendra Banhart and Gogol Bordello had a love child, it’d be frontman Alex Ebert. more


ScreenThe third “Twilight” film offers a slight improvement
That repetitive romantic tangle is still the main selling point and it’s still pretty much worthless. more
ScreenThe Last Airbender
The battles are only slightly more exciting than the exposition, the acting is laughable, and the characters are flat. more
ScreenHarry Brown
Michael Caine is provided with his finest showcase in years, affording him multiple opportunities to wrap that silky-steel voice around barely veiled threats and mock-sorrowful farewells. more

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Botching burgers
TasteSemi-Asian food in burger form, made palatable for white people.
If you want meat they got it
TasteHead north to La Hacienda, and bring lots of friends
New sandwich alert!
Taste“I call it the Robert, because it’s the Bobbie’s daddy.”




CD Cover Wolf Parade
The band's third record carves its own path—faster, punchier, dancier—even as it retains that overall Wolf Parade sound.
CD Cover Eminem
Though still rapping like he’s trying to win an Olympic speed trial, he’s not saying anything particularly memorable.
CD Cover The Skooners
Production that avoids being too glossy or too lo-fi gives the music a timeless feel, and the Vegas quintet’s songwriting touchstones are also fad-free.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Jun 28, 2010
by Deanna Rilling

An Effen good cocktail

Now that’s an Effen good cocktail! Design and functionality merged June 23 during Effen vodka’s intimate gathering at Vdara. The premium Holland vodka garners its name from the Dutch word ...