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July 8-July 14
Best in PrintThe Cold Truth
Air conditioning has made your life more comfortable, but at what cost? read article
Best in PrintSlip slidin’ away
A visit to the haunting emptiness of a once-iconic water park read article
Best in PrintThe Commie within
The spate of Red Scare movies could not have come at a better—or worse—time read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionBrother, can you spare a bailout?
Obama is coming to town this week to say some words about Harry Reid, which is good—we guess#8212;for Reid, but what about the rest of us? more
The Intersection5 Things We’re Thinking About This Week
John Ensign, Criss Angel and a library. more
The IntersectionBurgers on a roll
Sit-down food is so 2009. more
The IntersectionNot just some old guy
A sense of dread hung over me for most of the hour Brad Garrett commanded the stage. more
The IntersectionA hanging at dawn
Check out the guy standing on the oil drum! more
The IntersectionFace time: The job of a Metro sketch artist
The drawing begins with what witnesses remember best. more
The IntersectionDowntown sound
Preview Thursday, which happens on the eve of every First Friday, has become the art event for collectors and gallery crawlers who want the art ... more
The IntersectionRandom photo of the week
This one’s for the ladies. more
Dream Zone
About five feet from me was a black wolf with red eyes. more
Whatta you think?
What pro sport would you most like to see here, and why? more


NightlifeGet inked for Tattoosdays
Whether tramp stamps and tribal or full-sleeves and traditional, all manners of tattoos were spotted Tuesday. more
NightlifePillow Fight!
Ladies in lingerie battled it out at the largest pillow fight in Vegas. more
NightlifeFigure-friendly cocktails
Check out these lower-calorie options if you’re craving something tasty, minus the threat of thunder thighs. more
NightlifeA relaxing Rendezvous
You know that feeling when you want to go out, but you’re not in the mood for mega clubs and/or packed party pools? more

Arts & Entertainment

The checklist: What are you consuming this week?
Bryan Allison, Vincent Campillo and Joshua Ellis. more
Arts and EntertainmentTrust us
What to see, hear and get this week. more
Arts and EntertainmentAfghan Raiders: Leaving Las Vegas?
Beans headed to San Fran. Other members might follow. more
Arts and EntertainmentFive notable covers from Friday’s Gypsy Den Bob Dylan tribute show
The Weekly breaks it down. more
Arts and EntertainmentA city reimagined
“Where do we go from here?” more
Arts and EntertainmentRook-ie outing
It’s been months in the making -well, three to be exact -and it’s officially upon us: the first studio recordings by bluesy rock ’n’ rollers ... more
Arts and EntertainmentNext-level gaming
If Wii Fit is the extent of your video game knowledge, you’d best stay home this weekend. more
Arts and EntertainmentBeer for art
Amid dried-up funding and a nutty economy, the nonprofit Contemporary Arts Center is hosting a summer fundraiser to keep its doors open and programming in check. more
Arts and EntertainmentEdward Sharpe makes folks happy—what else matters?
The world could use some positive vibes right about now, and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros sweat giant beads of hope. more
Arts and EntertainmentBig Boi
But Big’s first solo album is a deliriously fun statement of purpose that should stop fans from begging for new OutKast. more


ScreenRunning down “Ochocinco,” and some other summer TV fare
Reality dating shows are basically just attention-whore assembly lines at this point, so in a way it’s refreshing to see a show that acknowledges that ... more
ScreenDespicable Me
The first film from Illumination Entertainment, Universal’s answer to Pixar, Despicable Me is nothing compared to the joys of Toy Story 3, but it does ... more
ScreenI Am Love
Is there anything Tilda Swinton can’t do? more
ScreenSummer slaughter: “Predators” is B-movie fun
In a terrible movie summer such as this one, sometimes a well-engineered B-movie like Predators can make your day. more
Jean-Pierre Jeunet reached the height of whimsy with his 2001 film Amelie. Since then, he may have gotten trapped by audiences expecting the same arch cuteness. more
ScreenOn the fence: “Cyrus” can’t commit to indie or mainstream
This could be either a broad mainstream comedy or a subtle indie character study. As executed by the Duplass brothers, it’s essentially both at once. more

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Easy to remember
TasteThe taco shop with the easiest name and the most straightforward menu is the one with quite possibly the best taco in town.
What I ate on my summer vacation
TasteI know I should see the rest of the world, but Vegas makes it so easy.
This one's mine!
TasteDon’t even think about eating Ken Miller’s Chicken Waldorf Salad Sandwich.




CD Cover M.I.A.
Despite the controversy surrounding her politics and personal life, you can’t accuse M.I.A. of pandering to the mainstream with her music.
CD Cover Big Boi
But Big’s first solo album is a deliriously fun statement of purpose that should stop fans from begging for new OutKast.
CD Cover Wolf Parade
The band's third record carves its own path—faster, punchier, dancier—even as it retains that overall Wolf Parade sound.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Jul 7, 2010
by Deanna Rilling

Figure-friendly cocktails

Heidi Hinkle, you had me at “pickled okra.” As Aria’s Director of Beverage/resident mixologist, Hinkle was charged with the task of creating healthy, lower-calorie options for ladies (and gents) craving ...