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September 16-September 22
Best in PrintNeon Reverb takes a giant leap forward for its latest edition
As they promised, co-founders James Woodbridge and Thirry Harlin have grown their shoestring-budgeted dream of a mini-South ... read article
Best in PrintA few should-sees from Neon Reverb’s 100-plus-act lineup
The Weekly does all your Neon Reverb homework for you. read article
Best in PrintLost and found: A local recalls her triumph over mental illness
Over the course of many years and many false hopes, Two Lenz has found her way to ... read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionDivorce insurance: because you know it’s going to happen
Divorce is a fact of life, nowhere more so than Nevada, with its 14.2 percent divorce rate. So why not hedge your bets? more
The IntersectionMeet Amanda Morgan: Las Vegan, youngest sexologist in the nation
She has condoms. She will teach you. more
The IntersectionSigns of trouble: Finding the Monorail isn’t easy
Monorail signage is woefully confusing. more
The IntersectionA pair of art exhibits explore a city in foreclosure crisis
Two artists set out independently to grapple with these larger-than-anything-that-has-ever-hit-our-community issues in consecutive solo exhibits at the Contemporary Art Center. more
The IntersectionWhat’s one thing that is pissing you off right now?
Whatta you think? The Weekly wants to know! more
Islamic Society encourages Muslims to lay low this month
Islamophobia is on the rise. more
Dream Zone: ‘My son was crying’
“An unknown man was taking my 9-year-old son away from me…” more
The IntersectionThinking about the Plaza, Sharron Angle and more
Also, we say goodbye to Lance Burton and hello to the JabbaWockeeZ. more
The IntersectionRandom photo of the week
Submitted by Chris Mason more


NightlifeHot Spots: Tweet, drink and be happy (hardcore)
Our party picks for the week, including free booze and a few birthdays (that’ll also have free booze)! more
NightlifeNightlife news & notes: Jet’s new night, Wasted Space closes and more
Jet gets a Case of the Classics; a local-friendly lounge; Pauly D’s loss and more. more
NightlifeA grandfather of house: DJ/producer David Morales
Day-long DJ sets. 35 years. One Grammy. You couldn’t have a dance-music history book without a chapter on Morales. more
NightlifeSmokin’ hot: Cigars and cocktails never looked so good
Meet Rathna Singh, Casa Fuente’s Embajadora de la Casa. more
NightlifeI’m a Hustler, baby: What went down at Larry Flynt’s grand opening
Sarah Palin wriggled out of her clothes as Michael Phelps and Kid Rock looked on! more
NightlifeNew venue Born and Raised is for Las Vegans, by Las Vegans
20 beers on tap, 18 sliders and a whole lotta love for locals. more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentACOSA’s Neon Reverb show marks the release of its new full-length album
Nearly four years have passed since A Crowd of Small Adventures released The Evil Archipelago, the eight-song EP that established the band as a whimsical-indie-rock powerhouse. more
Arts and EntertainmentChatting with Walkmen organist Peter Bauer
The Neon Reverb headliners chat about their musical progression, albums and upcoming gig. more
Complete Neon Reverb schedule
We break down your four days of fun. more
Arts and EntertainmentDesert discoveries at the ‘Four Corners’ art show
Iconic signs, sculptures and palm trees planted roadside in the open desert are the subject of Suzanne Hackett-Morgan’s paintings. more
Arts and EntertainmentRecycled Percussion’ will (junk) rock you
This is what happens when kids who bang on pots and pans grow up. more
Arts and EntertainmentChecklist: Kim Canteenwalla of Society at Encore
The chef shares what’s in his fridge and on his bookshelf more
Arts and EntertainmentWeezer’s ‘Hurley’ is pretty coldly calculated
Frontman Rivers Cuomo has been retreating further and further into a bubble of superficial pop songcraft. more
Arts and EntertainmentCD review: Brandon Flowers ‘Flamingo’
The Killers’ frontman goes solo, with mediocre results. more
Arts and EntertainmentPsychology text ‘How Pleasure Works’ gets to the root of our likes and dislikes
The senses, it turns out, are often terrible at determining what makes us happy. more
Arts and EntertainmentWhat to watch, read and go to this week
The return of Modern Family, a book about satirists and Sharktopus! more


ScreenBen Affleck goes two-for-two with crime drama ‘The Town’
The Town embraces all sorts of heist-movie clichés, including one final job, the dangerous older mastermind and the criminal who just wants to take himself ... more
ScreenI’m Still Here’ may be a joke, but that doesn’t make it funny
Joaquin Phoenix “documentary” is more fun to hear about than to actually experience. more
ScreenTV drama ‘The Defenders’ captures the oily charm of Vegas billboard lawyers
The Defenders showcases one more Vegas institution that has thus far been underrepresented: billboard lawyers. more
ScreenBoardwalk Empire’ impeccably depicts Atlantic City in the 1920s
There’s a certain expectation of epicness from HBO dramas, and Boardwalk Empire has the chance to be the most epic yet. more
ScreenThe Event’ is an hour’s worth of being jerked around
A show so irritating that at times it seems like a parody. more
ScreenEasy A’ tries too hard to be something it’s not
Easy A is a little too conventional and a little too unfocused to achieve what it sets out for. more
ScreenCrime drama ‘Animal Kingdom’ can’t quite put its tension to full use
David Michôd’s promising but scattershot feature debut Animal Kingdom thrusts a wary young rabbit into a den of jackals and watches to see if he’ll ... more
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CD Cover Weezer's 'Hurley' is pretty coldly calculated
Frontman Rivers Cuomo has been retreating further and further into a bubble of superficial pop songcraft.
CD Cover Interpol's new CD is better on vinyl
Planning to buy Interpol’s new fourth album? Consider the vinyl—much easier to confine your listening to Side A that way.
CD Cover CD review: Katy Perry
Teenage Dream is the perfect title for an album by Katy Perry.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Sep 10, 2010
by Deanna Rilling

X-Rated Mojito

We like it dirty. We like it sweet. But both at the same time? It’s possible, at least in the form of a new beverage. As the self-proclaimed “sexiest cocktail” ...