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January 13-January 19
Best in PrintHome means Las Vegas: Natives offer up their unique perspectives on the city’s evolution
One could argue, and many have, that nothing about Las Vegas suggests this is a good place ... read article
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The Intersection

The IntersectionA bloody start to the new year
The tragedy in Arizona has the country squarely focused on violence, and how we can prevent it. more
The IntersectionIf you’ve never heard of Camo malt liquor, don’t feel bad
An under the radar malt liquor has roots right here in Sin City. more
The IntersectionThe good, the bad and the meh: The read on three new Vegas books
I hate reading books by local authors I know. If I dislike them, I want to say so and that gets awkward. So I try ... more
The IntersectionWhat breaks records here …
Local firebreather Antonio Restivo just spit up a 26-foot-5-inch-high flame. more
The IntersectionGoodman’s final State of the City is the same old song and dance
With a showgirl-flanked entrance and a sip from a martini, our mayor’s final State of the City address seemed all too familiar. more
The Intersection3D is in. Why? Because CES says so.
What was big at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show? Avatar. more
Instead of assigning blame for the Arizona rampage, we should be asking, ‘What now?’
The fact is, we might never understand what motivated the shooter. more
The IntersectionRandom photo of the week
Submitted by Chris Mason more
The IntersectionWhat do you think about ‘Jersey Shore?’
Whatta you think? The Weekly wants to know. more
The IntersectionThinking about Charlie Sheen, free parking and more
Also, we discover the roots of UNLV’s Barrick Museum. more


NightlifeHot Spots: Hang with the Weekly, Bang! at Moon and more
Yeah! It’s time to celebrate Lil Jon’s birthday. more
NightlifeNightlife news & notes: The masses wait at Marquee, Tiesto gets his day
Also, Eva Longoria files for bankruptcy protection for Beso and Eve more
Clash of the DJ titans
N9NE Group is at it again. more
NightlifeSausagefest 2.0: Checking in on CES and AVN afterparties
Guess which was more exciting? more
NightlifeDJ Loczi discusses his ‘Electric Dream’ residency at Studio 54
Friday nights just got more electric, as the DJ’s multi-faceted nightlife experience launched on New Years Eve. more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentBallad of Barker’ pays collage tribute to space dog Laika
Drawing parallels between key moments in Laika’s short life with the foibles of contemporary philosophers and pop-culture iconoclasts. more
Arts and EntertainmentWeaving Las Vegas
The story of Sola and her Las Vegas Tapestry is the stuff of legend. more
Arts and EntertainmentShowtime at Cosmo’s Book & Stage
Indie-pop band Best Coast draws a crowd, but the lounge experience could use some tweaking. more
Arts and EntertainmentA plane … at Crystals?
There’s a plane at CityCenter’s Crystals—and everyone’s invited! more
Arts and EntertainmentAppreciating Ansel Adams at UNLV’s Barrick Museum
A special collection of Ansel Adams photos have made their way to UNLV. more
Arts and EntertainmentHumble hip-hop beginnings
Two local MCs dropped their debut album at Aces and Ales—to a small but boisterous crowd more
Arts and EntertainmentDrew Carey discusses his new GSN improv show and more
Before taping his new GSN show here in Vegas, Drew Carey chats it up with Sun A&E Editor Don Chareunsy. more
Arts and EntertainmentFive podcasts worth your time
Podcats about movies, songs and all things nerd. more
Arts and EntertainmentWhere to go and what to watch this week
We’ve got retro-Stax soul, the queen of mean and more more
Arts and EntertainmentSierra Vista’s Space Washington raps his way to glory off the court
After an on-court injury, “Space” Washington shows his school spirit by bustin’ a rhyme. more


ScreenLas Vegas’ longest-running film fest celebrates 10 years
This film fest is possibly the best film festival Southern Nevada has to offer more
ScreenFour films to see at the Las Vegas Jewish Film Festival
If you only have time for a few movies, start with these. more
ScreenSeth Rogen and Michel Gondry fail to make ‘The Green Hornet’ remotely interesting
‘The Green Hornet’ isn’t a superhero action movie so much as a spoof of the genre. more
ScreenBlue Valentine’ is punishing and empty
Anyone expecting sleaze or erotica out of Blue Valentine based on the ratings controversy will be disappointed. more
ScreenRabbit Hole’ is honest and intelligent but a little rote
Now, inevitably, comes the film adaptation. more
ScreenTV review: ‘Skins’
They drink, smoke, swear, take drugs and have lots of sex. more
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The protege in Robuchon's kitchen
TasteThe Chef of the Century’s name is above the door, but this is the guy who’s really cooking dinner.
Au revoir, Alex restaurant
TasteThis isn’t just another closing, because Alex wasn’t just another restaurant.
We’re stickin’ to Dickey's bbq ribs
TasteThese slow-smoked meats are better than most of our city’s ’cue joints.




CD Cover CD Review: R. Kelly's 'Love Letter'
Love Letter shows Kelly’s ability to expand his style.
CD Cover CD Review: Michael Jackson's posthumous album
MJ would be disappointed to hear how Michael turned out
CD Cover Daft Punk's 'Tron: Legacy' soundtrack review
It’s curious and disappointing that the Legacy score has little of the digital dazzle that makes Daft Punk great.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Jan 19, 2011
by Sarah Feldberg

Wine and chocolate, together at last?

Few foods and beverages evoke such passionate devotion as chocolate and wine. Chocoholics flock to high-end grocery stores for shelves full of high-percentage cacao bars, while nearby wine racks draw ...