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A few of the bigger bylines that have appeared in the Weekly

Nat Hentoff, longtime Village Voice columnist, free-speech expert and jazz authority, wrote about Ray Charles for the Weekly.

For our August 15, 2002, cover story, the voluble magician-performer Penn Jillette—who is also a fine writer—explained the greatness of Bruce Springsteen, complete with Penn’s jeans-clad ass on the cover, Boss-like. A few years later, we ran an excerpt from his novel, Sock.

For a guest commentary, we asked the state’s leading political pundit, Jon Ralston, longtime critic of both John L. Smith and Oscar Goodman, to comment on Smith’s book on Goodman.

Novelist K.W. Jeter wrote memorably about movies adapted from the work of Philip K. Dick in the July 20, 2006, issue, the first in a series of incisive critical essays.

Here’s another:

John Lombardi, who was Hunter Thompson’s editor at Rolling Stone and who went on to a legendary magazine career at Esquire, GQ, New York and others, wrote about John Updike in the August 3, 2006, issue, one of his several contributions.

David Granger, editor of Esquire, contributed an appreciation of Andre Agassi to the August 24, 2006, Weekly.

Andrew Corsello, an award-winning GQ correspondent, wrote a long recollection of Andre Agassi for August 24, 2006.

Award-winning Esquire writer Tom Junod contributed a unique piece of fiction, “Barry Manilow, Welterweight,” to our April 12, 2007, edition.

Much-decorated GQ cultural critic Tom Carson wrote about the meaning of “Gimme Shelter” all these years later for our May 3, 2007, issue.

Art critic Dave Hickey wrote about Jack Kerouac’s On the Road for the September 6, 2007, issue, one of his several pieces for the paper.

Esquire’s fiction editor, Tom Chiarella, wrote a piece about whether Las Vegas has a soul in the November 20, 2007, Weekly.

Charles Bock published an excerpt from his heralded novel Beautiful Children in our January 24, 2008, issue.

Joe McGinniss Jr. has published several pieces in the Weekly, including an excerpt from his published novel about Las Vegas, The Delivery Man, on January 31, 2008.


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