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Ride Wit Me: The Prequel

Rideout - Ride Wit Me: The Prequel

For more than 20 years, North Las Vegas has been fertile ground for local hip-hop, producing an army of (mostly) gritty rappers with the gift to spit believable tales about struggling and street life. Cut from the same thug-hustle cloth, Rideout is, perhaps, one of Northtown’s more able lyricists.

The Details

Two and a half stars
Beyond the Weekly

As expected, his CD doesn’t veer much from the well-worn path trod by his predecessors, with songs chock-full of grindin’, rhymin’, sexin’ and paper-chasin’. Believability isn’t the issue; limited topic variety and minimalist beats are. You get the sense that if freed from street rap, he could flow about anything.

He does spit one of the best-ever verses about Sin City, however: “You know, I’m from the Vegas ghettos/It can get outrageous where street soldiers need metals/Out-of-towners can’t settle shit, it’s hotter than a kettle/Once you see the Strip, UNLV like the Rebels.”


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