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Skydro - Success Stories

Daydream-inspiring, but in a generally good way, Success Stories is unlike anything you’ve ever heard from Vegas hip-hop. For starters, the 20-song CD is overwhelmingly positive; at times, righteously so, with song titles like “Freedom,” “Hope” and “Hip-Hop Dreams (Remix)” creating a feel-good vibe.

The Details

Two and a half stars
Beyond the Weekly

The beats are, at best, serviceable, and there’s nary a quotable line, but just when you’re about to fast-forward, something ear-pleasing comes on. “Into Girlfriends” is funny without being chauvinist, while “Congratulations,” with its melancholy beat, is inspirational. Skydro’s laid-back, hybrid flow (channeling Darius Rucker, Dead Prez and Mos Def) takes some getting used to, especially in a Vegas landscape dominated by ’hood-affiliated rappers. Structural deficiencies aside, though, Success Stories is worth a listen if only because it represents local hip-hop, unconstrained.


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