Interview Issue: Sunset Thomas

Sunset Thomas
Photo: Ryan Olbrysh

Sunset Thomas

Adult entertainer, reality-TV star

Interviewed June 24 at the Las Vegas Weekly offices

Talk about your new reality show.

Sin City Mom is opening the door and bringing people into my life. It lets people realize I am not a typical porno star. I have a normal life, too. I go to soccer games. I deal with teacher meetings. The great thing about bringing them in is that you see me with no makeup on. You see me running around dealing with the kids and the yelling and screaming and the husband driving me nuts. Then all of a sudden you see the glamour side of me as well. That’s what I love what about the show. It is going to open doors to a lot of people who wonder what we really do. We aren’t spreading our legs 24/7. We live normal lives.

Las Vegas Mom: Sunset Thomas

Why do you live in Las Vegas?

What made me pick Las Vegas is because I am a showgirl. I love to go out on the road and feature-dance. I like Las Vegas because it is a fast-paced life. There are a lot of shows here. I like to be around that kind of business. I just love Las Vegas. I love to gamble. I love my double-double bonus poker, just like anyone else. I can wear my glamour gowns compared to when I live in Texas. I love to play dress-up.

Did you have reservations about putting your children in front of a camera for Sin City Mom?

At first I never thought I would do something like this. Then I thought it is time to open the doors. We do have normal lives. I went over it with the children to see how they would feel, and they were all game about it.

Tell me about your kids.

My daughter is 19. She is going to UNLV. She is very smart, cocky as all get out. If you owe her a penny, by God, she is going to make sure you give her that penny. She is in summer school right now. She is going into business. I am proud of her. My 17-year-old son loves to act. He likes to write, and he is going through a phase in his life where he is not sure if he thinks he is gay or not. So he is going through a weird phase with that. Which, you know, at first I was like, “Ahhh.” But I can’t be a hypocrite. Look what I do for a living. I have to accept them and love them, my children, whatever they are going to do.

Do you think your career impacted the choices you made raising your children?

I just do the best I can as a mother. I am very much there for my kids. Very supportive. The one thing I like about being in show business is I can actually spend time with my kids. I can go on the road for a week or two and then stay home for a month and be with my kids 24/7. I can be really hands-on with my children. That is what I like about being in show business.


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