Three and a half questions with Scooter of Scooter & LaVelle


That's some "bangin' progressive turntablism" ya got there. Or perhaps it's just Scooter and LaVelle on the decks. Either way, the "white guy who scratches, sweats and smiles a lot" (Scooter; above, left) and "the other guy who's probably wearing a Diesel wife-beater with his hands up" (LaVelle; above, right) are in Vegas for double the energy at August 30's Strippers and Hustlers Ball and Relax at the Hard Rock September 1.

With a number of noted DJs in Vegas for Labor Day weekend, what are a few reasons people should come check you guys out?

I think LaVelle and I are doing something that no one else is doing, and I think we do it better than anyone who's trying to do it. LaVelle and I were mashing up stuff to house music … years and years ago, before we even knew what the hell it was. We just were having a good time with it. I think we've really mastered our craft. I think we put on a great show, not only sonically, but I think visually we're fun to watch. LaVelle does a lot of air-pumping, and he's a good-looking guy; some eye candy for the ladies.

As a turntablist who still spins vinyl, what prompted the addition of Serato to your setup, and have you received heat from purists?

It comes down to there's stuff you can do on Serato that you just can't do no matter how fresh you are on vinyl … The thing with Serato is I can go into the studio and record something original and play it out that same night … I got some shit when I first did it, but all those purists have shut their mouth at this point.

Your rider requests four cans of sugar-free Red Bull and a bottle of premium vodka. What would happen if a venue gave you Pimpjuice and Popov instead?

I think it would almost be so funny, I just might not do anything it would be so classic. That would be such a perfect dick-off that I wouldn't get angry about it.

You have such a sexy business card [picture Scooter's face Photoshopped onto a 1970s male escort's body with a strategically placed fur blanket …]. What will you be wearing to the Strippers and Hustlers Ball?

The deepest V-neck I can find and a pair of Speedos with my name on the back for sure.


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