Mustafa “Moose Diesel” Abdi

Photo: Iris Dumuk

Hometown: Las Vegas

Age: 24

Profession: Director of marketing for Diablo’s Cantina

Profile: Beyond his day-to day duties booking bands and overseeing Diablo’s advertising, creative, fliering and promo team, Abdi undergoes a transformation … His Mexican-wrestler alter ego “Moose-o-Libre” is the Superman to Abdi’s Clark Kent. The reigning heavyweight champion of the Strip, Moose-o-Libre is Diablo’s mascot and “mood director,” who—along with his band of merry go-go shot girls—keeps the party going late on Friday and Saturday nights. Look for him around midnight, working the mic, appearing onstage, giving out free lap dances to some lucky ladies and spinning the Wheel of Sin for the $3 half-hourly drink specials.

Why I do what I do: “I’ve always wanted to be an actor, since I was young. I’m not afraid of the spotlight or the attention. I love to entertain, more than anything. I’ve also always wanted to be a wrestler; [playing Moose-o-Libre] is the next closest thing to being on TV wrestling.”

Personal tidbit: Abdi (who got his nickname “Moose Diesel” after a ballsy stunt in which he posed as Vin Diesel’s cousin to meet his idol) loves to donate his time and money to charities, the Make-a-Wish Foundation in particular, which he has been working with since he was the president of his high school’s student council.

Most recent movie I’ve seen: Role Models

Latest accomplishment: After six years of working full-time, going to school full-time and, of course, partying full-time, Abdi graduated this May from UNLV with his BA in marketing. Diablo’s threw a massive “Moose Wilder” party for him in celebration.

Quote: “It’s time to get drunk and horny.”


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