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Ati Grinspun: A flair for the dramatic

Bottle juggling is just the beginning

Photo: Beverly Poppe

Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Age: 30

Profession: Flair bartender, Carnaval Court, Harrah’s

Profile: “I’ve never been a regular bartender,” says the gorgeous South American bottle-tosser extraordinaire, trilling delicately through her accent.

A flair bartender since she was 18 in Argentina, Grinspun was recruited by Harrah’s in 2003, at the peak of Vegas’ flair obsession.

Her signature move behind the bar has nothing to do with flair; rather, it’s her personality she says shines the most. “Flair without personality is nothing.”

Ordering her own Captain Morgan and Sprite, Grinspun says she’s patient to wait for other flair bartenders to perform for her … as long as they’re still entertaining.

Long routines to show off? No dice. There is, Grinspun says, a very fine line between entertainment and working flair, and the ability to read a guest’s needs is essential.

Why I do what I do: “It makes my job so much more fun. People love it, and people cheer for me. It’s an attention-grabber. And it definitely makes me more money!”

Personal tidbit: A hobbyist photographer for just a year and a half, Grinspun now attends classes at CSN to strengthen her skills and enjoyment of fashion and product photography. A retirement plan? She says, definitely.

Book I recently read: The Color Design Source Book, by Caroline Clifton-Mogg.

Latest Accomplishment: Featured in E!’s 12 Sexiest Vegas Jobs. Quote: “Carpe diem—live life to the fullest.”


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