That’s “Ray J’s Poetry,” thank you

Penthouse Nightclub

That’s “Ray J’s Poetry,” thank you

This Saturday, January 17, recording artist Ray J will celebrate his 28th birthday at Poetry Nightclub. But this isn’t the same old comped revelry that ordinary people don’t enjoy. Nor will it be the cloistered celebrity hiding behind a velvet rope and seven security guards. Instead, think of Ray J’s appearance as a house party. Because Saturday is the first night the musician will attend Poetry as partner.

For those wondering if the addition of a well-heeled celebrity partner has anything to do with the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on the ongoing legal battle with Simon Property Group and Caesars Palace over a controversial gate closure, the answer is no. “This has nothing to do with financial gain for either party,” says partner Mike Goodwin.

Since the star of the upcoming VH1 reality show For the Love of Ray J has been gracing the club for the last three years, why join now? Goodwin explains that the stars aligned for this partnership, “A combination of things worked out real well for both of us: image, music, family ties.” Partner Branden Powers elaborates, “Ray’s involvement is a match made in nightclub heaven. He reflects what Poetry is as a brand: upscale, classy and, most of all, sexy.”

Ed hardly

It’s back to the mall for you, gentlemen. According to, “… nightclubs in Vegas are finding Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier fashions to be unfashionable. It seems like wearing these stylings won’t get you past the velvet ropes at some of Sin City’s hot spots,” the blog reported on December 29.

Confirming the rumor, Privé managing partner Justin Levine says that 70 percent of all questions coming through his office are about dress code; therefore his staff informs potential guests then and there that Ed Hardy, Christian Audigier and even Affliction attire is not allowed (save for locals, regulars and UFC fighters), along with excessively baggy clothing, Timberland boots and sports athletic gear.

“It’s such a bad look,” says Levine. Once cutting-edge, the trendy lines are now widely available, which leaves a bad taste in Levine’s mouth, but, he says, “It’s the rhinestone T-shirts,” he disdains the most, the bedazzled shirts being the lines’ mainstays. A rep for Pure Management Group, operators of the Christian Audigier nightclub at T.I., states simply, “Every nightclub sets their own dress code.” So should Privé be on your itinerary, Levine recommends you invest in designs by Stüssy, Neighborhood Denim, Chip & Pepper and True Religion. Think of it as economic stimulus.

A Seamless transition

There’s a seamless separation going on in Vegas afterhours. More specifically, a separation from Seamless gentleman’s club. With Afterhours Obsession at Penthouse emerging on the scene, some of the key players that made Seamless’ afterhours party No. 1 are moving over to Penthouse, including John Musso and Brian Hart. “It was the inevitable thing that was going to happen to me, only because I had pretty much taken Seamless and been with them as far musically as they’re willing to go,” says Hart, now the music director and resident DJ at Obsession.

“With me never working with Gino [LoPinto] before and that opportunity arising, it was something that just had to be done, I felt,” says Hart. Penthouse has been steadily reinventing itself over the past few months, and one sees new additions and improvements every week when stopping by for afterhours, which is already underway. “We’re definitely going to change the mentality of the house-music scene and the electronic-music scene in this town by … bringing in on a more consistent basis DJs from not just LA and around Vegas, but from all across the country and hopefully the world that people know.”

Hart hints (and LoPinto plainly states) that another room at Penthouse is scheduled to open in the future that will cater to the rock-music crowd, as well as a sushi bar and theater; combined, it will be The Compound. “No other club in town can offer what we have,” Hart explains of the diversity that will span the property. “I think people are going to be in for a real treat, not just musically, but just in the scene,” he says. “It’s always fun to go to a party where you know everyone … it feels nice to have somewhere you can call home and be comfortable.”

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Laying low since its Merry Kissmas girl-on-girl kissing contest, Rok Vegas lands back on our radar, bringing with it the new 360 Sundays. With the grand opening slated for February 1 and an open vodka bar from 10 to 11 p.m., 360 Sundays kicks off with performances by Donald Glaude, DJ Loczi and Von Ukuf, and is hosted by Shifty from Crazytown (and Celebrity Rehab). February 8 will be Joey Mazzola’s CD-release party, Perfecto artist David Hopper’s birthday party is on February 15, and Dave Onex, Mike Remedy and Jordan Stevens are DJing on February 22. If that wasn’t enough, we’ll be keeping an eye out for DJ Dan, Steve Smooth and Dani Deahl in March.


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