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Kicking it with The Crystal Method

Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland, partners in electronic music crime, wreak havoc at Perfecto at Rain on Saturday, January 17.
Photo: Richard Brian

Triple XXX Vitamin Water plus vodka is now one of my favorite drinks, thanks to Scott Kirkland and Ken Jordan.

Last time the duo collectively known as The Crystal Method was at Rain, they mixed that exact beverage for me. Both have always been extremely down-to earth and Saturday at Perfecto was no exception.

For the first time in forever, I stayed at a club until the ugly-lights came on to hear the end of their set—a track from their forthcoming album. Earlier, I chatted with Kirkland about mainstream club music and I agreed with his hypothesis that overplayed pop tracks are like when people hear Bon Jovi on the radio: it makes them feel younger, skinnier, etc.

Hmmm, that’s kind of how I feel when drinking Vitamin water and vodka.

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