Penthouse plays the Dead Man’s Hand, welcomes Crazy Horse III

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UPDATE: Since publication, the entire team from Penthouse and Vegas Alliance were advised by their lawyers that even though they have every legal right to the name Crazy Horse III, there are still legal cases pending with Crazy Horse Too. It's too close to the other club's name and thus it would be in their best interest to choose another name. They have decided to listen to their lawyers and are conducting a spontaneous twitter campaign where people can suggest names. Follow them at You can keep suggesting names but they have turned in a list of suggested names to their lawyers today. We'll keep you posted on the outcome when they have decided which of Las Vegas' suggestions they will use for the new name.

Remember when a strip club was just a strip club? Fans of Penthouse and Obsession Afterhours already know those days are gone. But then, Penthouse is already gone as well. The licensing agreement with Penthouse has been dissolved, and in its place, property owners Barry Arfa and Nando Sostilio will open—with help from our friends at Vegas Alliance—the Playground, “Las Vegas’ first nightlife entertainment complex,” says Vegas Alliance President Gino LoPinto.


“It was bad enough when the only available form of drunken communication was  texting and slurred late-night phone calls. But thanks to the likes of MySpace, Facebook and Twitter, you suddenly have the ability to efficiently broadcast to thousands that you ‘just manageeed to pee in a cupp on the driVe home after cheating on GIrlfriend.’ Ain’t technology grand?”

Las Vegans will almost immediately begin to see the proof of two months of negotiations. According to LoPinto, whose management company currently operates Obsession Afterhours, the party has since become the venue. Thus, late-night partiers will now find themselves exiting Obsession Nightclub in the light of day.

But that’s just the beginning. Vegas Alliance also operates the Rock Club, which faces the biggest changes. In conjunction with Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains and Scott Ian of Anthrax, the music venue will become a more Viper Room-style rock club, called Dead Man’s Hand. The musicians/poker lovers had long been looking for a club to call their own, and decided to name their find after the famous poker hand composed of aces and eights, the selfsame hand Wild Bill Hickok was said to be holding when shot by Jack McCall. When the musicians perform at their new haunt as a Camp Freddy-esque ensemble, they will call themselves Dead Man’s Band and play a Dead Man’s jam. Otherwise, the space will host a six-day-a-week live-music schedule as well as operate the new Sushi Avenue.

But wait—there’s more. The gentlemen’s club will now take the name of those most notorious of Vegas strip joints and saloons. Welcome, gentlemen, to … Crazy Horse III. Rest assured, Crazy Horse III bears no connection to Crazy Horse Too, closed in 2007.


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LoPinto explains how the new concept will work: “You can go to all the venues you want. You can eat. You can hang out there for hours and not get bored. Especially with the economy, people want more bang for their buck. Where can you see a live band, topless girls and dance to some of the world’s best DJs? It’s a value.”

But forget rock stars, the best part about the music space is the giant picture window behind the bar that allows a clear view of the dancers.

If Monday night was any example, then the Playground is already at play: In the biggest room, there was a free poker tournament under way; in the Rock Room, local band Heavy Honey was kicking off the weekly Vegas Rocks Magazine party; and in the gents’ club, strippers did what strippers generally do. Let the Crazy begin.


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