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Don’t despair! Vegas’ Carnegie Deli is here to stay

This corned beef sandwich isn’t going anywhere.

The impending closing of New York’s Carnegie Deli—the iconic Seventh Avenue restaurant, established in 1937 and set to shutter December 31—is being described as the end of an era, the waning days of the classic kosher delicatessen.

But don’t fret, pastrami lovers, for Las Vegas’ Carnegie Deli isn’t going anywhere. The sportsbook-adjacent eatery is stronger than ever after a refreshing remodel a couple of years ago, and is still serving the same familiar and beloved fare as the original. Favorite sandwiches like the triple-decker turkey club, the famous open-faced Reuben layered with sauerkraut and melted Swiss cheese and the pastrami and corned beef combo known as the Woody Allen are the most popular bites, still stacked high and difficult for one person to finish.

The Strip’s Carnegie also serves breakfast all day, including omelets, corned beef hash, French toast and bagels and lox. Despite the huge portions, you can’t really visit without ordering a legit potato knish with a choice of sour cream or applesauce on the side, and the deli does a more than decent burger, too.

Some things are just too good to go away, and as the all-day crowds that pack this restaurant prove, the classic deli’s days are not numbered in Las Vegas. Carnegie Delicatessen at Mirage, 702-791-7310; daily 8 a.m.-11 p.m.

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