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Aesthetik Marketing focuses on creativity and efficiency

Karalyn Zamora and Sameya Hito translated their experiences in nightlife marketing into an innovative new enterprise.
Photo: Christopher DeVargas

The nightlife industry is very demanding. The schedule can get more than intense, especially for those in the marketing sector who log some serious office hours during the day before the party kicks into gear at night.

Digital marketing specialists Sameya Hito and Karalyn Zamora had been spending their time fueling the fun at some of Las Vegas’ most popular nightclub and dayclub venues when they decided to squeeze the most juice out of every hour. “There were so many fun ideas we had and things we wanted to do, but we felt a bit stifled,” Hito says.

“We wanted our own time,” Zamora agrees. “When you’re forced to be somewhere 10 hours a day, it can penalize you for being efficient, and it diminishes the sense of urgency.”

Their need for creative freedom lead to the creation of Aesthetik Marketing, and striking out on their own quickly expanded their reach—from tech to entertainment to fitness. Among their partners: an apparel company called Forplay that’s setting up a showroom in the Arts District; sports media entertainment outfit Padlokt; cotton candy vendor Spin-Spun; and UFC hall of famer Urijah Faber’s lifestyle and performance brand Torque.

“We’re here for execution on creative concepts, whether it’s a social media contest or your daily posting of content we’ve curated because it’s going to hit your demographic better or a strategy we’ve put in place to boost traffic and engagement,” Hito says. “I don’t like to think we’re an outside agency, but rather a partnership with a team of people who specialize in these things so you can run your day-to-day business.”

They pride themselves on doing their own research to dig deeper into the algorithms that create social-media trends, a topic that can be intimidating for any business owner. Clients’ needs have become the duo’s top motivators, and they’re constantly learning new skills to provide more services.

“We’ve extended our network and been able to connect with some very impactful individuals, and they are predominantly female, which is important right now,” Zamora says. “It’s hard to start a business out here as two females, but we’ve met a lot of our goals and grown really fast, and we’re not done at all.”

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