Five thoughts on Felipe Esparza at Backstage Bar & Billiards May 2

Felipe Esparza won’t tell what kind of shampoo he uses. No, seriously—we asked.
Photo: Bill Hughes

1. “All we have are those—and PBR on tap,” the bartender says, pointing to a handful of bottled beers perched on a shelf. “The crowd last night cleaned us out.” And tonight another audience has assembled for a second Vegas engagement by LA-based comedian Felipe Esparza, known for winning Last Comic Standing and his signature, so-very-SoCal greeting, “What up, fool?”

2. The midnight show took place post-Mayweather-Pacquiao, and the froggy-voiced stoner didn’t spare the boring brawl: “There were more hugs at that fight than at my intervention.” Though he still jokes about it, Esparza says he no longer drinks.

3. As in his 2012 Showtime special They’re Not Gonna Laugh at You, Esparza fortifies his routine with suspicious, rapid-fire eye darts and by tossing around his unruly mop. He also retells jokes from They’re Not Gonna Laugh at You. When he and his friend both kiss a woman that turns out to be a man, his friend cries, “Why didn’t you tell me?” To which Esparza responds, “Because now I know you can keep a secret.”

4. A father of three, the What Up, Fool? podcast creator recalled the birth of his first child, whom he fathered at 17. “You’re a f*ckup!” his mother says. “No, you are!” he jabs. “You’re 35 and a grandma!” On dating, he says as a single father he can only really date single mothers. To the question, “Are you my daddy?” he responds, “I’m more like your real daddy; you’ll never see me again.”

5. An active social-media user and gracious rising star, the East LA native is quick to acknowledge the fans who keep his career afloat. After his skit, Esparza stepped offstage and directly into the crowd, where he took photos and signed posters … for every last fool.

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