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Thor at the Bus Stop

Thor at the Bus Stop,” a film by local filmmakers Mike and Jerry Thompson about how the mythical Thor spends his last day alive, will have it’s world premiere at CineVegas 2009.

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Local filmmaking brothers Jerry and Mike Thompson turn in a winning, whimsical film for their feature debut, a mélange of quirky stories that represent a side of Vegas rarely seen in films. Thor at the Bus Stop, expanded from a pair of Thompson short films, interweaves various stories catalyzed by the title character, whose angst over being the unsung savior of the world sets off a string of random lightning strikes.

CineVegas 2009

Thor at the Bus Stop
Three stars
Mike Thompson, Robert Shupe, Joe Berry, Chris McInroy.
Directed by Jerry and Mike Thompson.
Screens June 15, 6:30 p.m.
Thor at the Bus Stop
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Despite the mystical overtones, Thor isn’t a supernatural movie; it’s more like magic realism, with elements like the thunder god and a guy wandering around impaled by a yield sign mixing with more grounded stories about relationships and family. The Thompsons deftly tie their disparate characters together, and the cast of locals (including Mike and Jerry and non-directing Thompson brother Scott, as well as magician Teller) is almost uniformly strong.

The filmmakers also make good use of their small budget, with creative shot composition and location choice. Some of the scenes could use a little tightening, and some of the comedy is a little too tame, but Thor is an auspicious start to what will hopefully be a long career in feature filmmaking for the Thompsons.


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