What’s being planned for Universal’s Dark Universe?


Universal’s putting a lot of resources into launching a Marvel-style cinematic universe featuring its classic monster characters, with The Mummy as the kickoff. Here are some of the other monsters currently on tap for the so-called Dark Universe.

Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde Russell Crowe has a supporting role in The Mummy as the scientist who creates a monstrous alter ego when he experiments on himself. Jekyll is sort of the Nick Fury of the DU, leading the mysterious organization set to tie the movies together.

Frankenstein’s monster There’s no one yet enlisted for the role of Dr. Frankenstein, but Javier Bardem will play his undead creation, possibly first in a movie focused on the creature’s bride. The order of the casting suggests the monster will get top billing and a larger role than the man who made him.

Bride of Frankenstein The only other monster with a confirmed release date (February 14, 2019) for her movie, the bride has yet to be cast, although Universal is aiming high and reportedly courting Angelina Jolie.

The Invisible Man Franchise favorite Johnny Depp will take on another pop-culture institution as the unhinged Dr. Griffin, who turns himself invisible and then slowly goes insane.

The Wolf Man Blockbuster kingpin Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is rumored to be a top choice for the role of the werewolf made famous by Lon Chaney Jr., who was slightly less muscular.

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