The Airbag’s response

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Regulars at the notoriously grouchy local-music online gathering place weigh in on last week’s Weekly piece about their favorite forum.

Nick: this was my idea for a story god dammit!

mikeorama: i like how patrick was talking about everyone saying shit to him and getting butt hurt then followed it up with this line, “We’re all friends in real life. That’s what the Internet is like.” Hahah

xtal: i’m REALLY glad he didn’t print the URL. how annoying would that have been if there were like 400,000 new airbag members being retarded all the sudden? i like my internet like i like my life: elite only please.


From the Archives
Confessions of an Airbagger (10/9/08)

mike r.: we are the league of shadows


kennydean: “THE airbag?’’ Do we really need the determiner there? I always just call it “Airbag,’’ dropping the definite article, or, if I happen to be in the company of fellow Airbaggers, I might refer to it as “The ’Bag.’’

Around post No. 20, the discussion degenerated into a mano-a-mano blood-feud between members kennydean (“The weak-minded do always lash out at their intellectual betters, so I guess you’re just acting according to your second nature”) and george (“I’m pretty sure the only way you’ll get any more publicity in THE states is if your dick was as big as your head”). As if we’d expect anything else from the ’bag.


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